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Sunday Brunch at Cafe Issus

20 Sep
Cafe Issus
8 Centre Place
Melbourne Vic 3000

Tel : (03) 9663 8844

it’s been a while since I’ve blogged about a breakfast place.
cause I always get so excited and forget to take photos of the food!
haha. that’s how awesome the breakfast I have been having!

so today after church
before baby met Paul and Peggy for a gym session.
we went to look for a nice place to have breakfast (:

Cafe Issus.
It’s located in this small little lane.
and the people were quick to serve us and were very polite!
so we immediately had a good vibe about this place.
it’s a start to a good breakfast! hehe

baby ordered eggs spanish.
a twist to eggs benedict.
and a twist that we welcome cause it was sooo yums! (:

poached eggs with chorizo and tomatoes with hollandaise sauce!
everything just went really well.
in fact I would really prefer this to the normal eggs benedict.
cause I love chorizos. haha.

i had the french toast with maple syrup with a side of bacon and chicken sausages.
this was AWESOME!
it’s been ages since I’ve had french toast.
and im so glad I ordered this.
there’s something with the sweetness of maple syrup and the saltiness of bacon.
it just goes super well!
and the sausages were super yums as well!
normally I’m not a big fan of sausages.
cause it’s made of beef and had a weird after taste.
and most of the time it’s over done.
but this was just perfect.
I wanted more after the 2 that came with the french toast! haha

I love Sunday Brunch (:
just a time to catch up with baby and talk about anything under the sun!

Happy weekend everyone!