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not everything is about looks

17 Apr
trust you me.
the first thing we judge a person of is his/her looks
and that’s what exactly everyone did in the show.
before this awesome inspirational woman started singing
and showing her talent.
alot you can learn.

thank you Jolene for sharing!

you wouldn’t want to miss this.

dream catch me

16 Apr

has been my favourite song ever since i saw Peggy’s wedding photos.
so now the only songs on my playlists are :

Dream Catch Me – Newton Faulkner
Manhattan From The Sky – Kate Voegele
Love Story – Taylor Swift

I’m such a lovey dovey song listener. haha.
ah wells. (:

and now im inspired to learn how to play the guitar!
hehe. anyone wants to teach me?

Family : Beautifully Imperfect

14 Apr

Saw this on Melissa’s blog and was really touched.
saw it again and again
and i was touched again and again by the words she said.
how she described her life with her husband
and what he meant to her.

"In the end, it’s these small things that you remember, little imperfections that make them perfect for you."

this made me think back of all the silly things I did.
picking on the small things.
getting upset almost over nothing.

so treasure your loved ones
your family.
those that are beautifully imperfect in your eyes.
cause they are the ones who will be with you. no matter what happens.


Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala 2009

6 Apr
my favourite one of the night


god-given talent

27 Mar

he.is.awesome.and.talented. (:

Speak Mandarin Campaign

16 Jul
 haha rather. A need for the campaign (: but anyways.
ENJOY! hehe
Thank you Vanessa for the video!