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it’s a brand new day

9 Mar
woke up really early. cos i just couldn’t sleep anymore.
think i was pretty excited that Uni was starting today.
I went to the tram stop and WHOOSH! went my tram 75. haha
to think I wanted to take the earlier one to be in school earlier.
but waited 10 more mins and i was off to uni.

it’s Labour Day in Melbourne today.
Baby didn’t have classes. but i did.
was quite sian about that but nonetheless.
it’s my first day of Uni as a postgrad student! (:

first lecture was quite a handful.
quite glad i did most of the readings
so I kinda understood what the lecturer was talking about.
and im glad. very glad.
and relieved.

then he told us the seminars that are suppose to come after the lecture will only begin in week 4!
haha. so we have a 4 hour break before our next  lecture.
but there’s nothing to do here. literally.
so that’s why im writing this post.

but all in all. first day of uni was alright so far.
i will update on how the last lecture went.
but i hope it will all be good!

on the plus side.
baby is making dinner tonight (:
looking forward to that hehe

updated :

so in the  4 hours of waiting.
i facebooked
i lay on the lawn and read a book. haha
for the very first time.
but its nice (:

and lecture was awesome.
My lecturer is the funniest guy ever.
i think both my lecturers are funny. hehe
a good start of the year.

and i was made group leader for seminar presentations.
at first i was a bit scared.
but I see it as an opportunity to get my confidence level up.
so im quite glad i got chosen by the members.
hopefully that will be fine. hehe

overall. lianne’s a happy girl! (: