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13 Apr

i did it (: With God’s grace and encouragement from every one around me!

I’m a happy girl when I woke up yesterday morning.


in two weeks.

8 Oct
Sorry I haven’t been posting much these days.
these two weeks are crucial for me.
I promise after that the cooking and baking will resume (:

Heading for a paper in a few hours time.
Pray for wisdom and strength and for a clear mind to remember everything that I’ve studied for.
Pray for His grace and His favour.
that I will be able to do well and make Him and everyone proud.

Heading to school soon.
Last chance to flip through my notes, remember the different assessment tools
and take deep breaths.

Let the verbal diarrhea begin! (:
wish me luck!

a little desperate

7 Sep
I know I’ve put this up before.
But we’re still lagging behind for our research
and so. I’m posting again.
and asking all of you to help me if you can just spare me 20 mins of your time!
I would be really really thankful! 


pleaseeeeee. HELP! (:

spring 09

6 Sep

Spring is around the corner
and boy am i glad it is!
the sun is out more
and the heat lasts longer throughout the day
which is just awesome!

went to apply for my masters program last friday
and was shocked at how blunt some representatives are.
as much as I know how difficult and tough it is to get into a course.
I really rather have some encouragements on working harder for this trimester
and doing the best I can
Rather than "if you don’t have a distinction avg, don’t even bother applying"
in other words. YOU’RE JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
so are marks really the only thing that is important?
I don’t know.
Is it more important to be good at the job or to be good at studying?
I guess people would think they both are important.
I agree.
but we all got strengths and weaknesses.
and why are we not rewarded for the strengths more than we are judged by our weaknesses?
Been really quite down and out by this.
But I applied for as many unis as I could anyways.
In the hope for getting into one that would allow me to fulfill my dream of being a educational and developmental psychologist
specialising in Special Needs children.
But at the end of the day
my life is in HIS hands
and HE would know my future
and what is best for me.
So all I can do now is work hard.
and Trust HIM. and these 2 things is what I am going to do.

Hope you guys had a good weekend! (:

A huge favour

17 Aug
Hi guys! (:
I’ve got a huge favour to ask of all of you.
I’m currently doing this research project for my postgrad diploma
and would need working people to help me fill up a questionnaire!
if you could just spare me 15-20mins of your time
I would be really grateful!

Please click on the link below and it would bring you to the site of the questionnaire.


Thank you very much for your help!
Really means alot to me.

God Bless!

all begins again.

5 Aug

I’m a little behind everything.
Studying wise.
lacking of the motivation.
and winter is really not helping. haha
feeling all lazy and gloomy.
but i will get there! (:
at least I got my plans out already.
since it’s like placed somewhere I cannot miss.
I’ve got a constant reminderrrr

Need to pray for strength and good time management.

it’s going to be a pretty fast race to the end! 


5 May
So uni has started for quite a while now.
but I’m not really sure about my progress.
it seems like after a gap year.
i’ve lost touch with doing assignments, readings and studying altogether.
I get really stressed with the assignments
and Im freaking out cause of my research project.
and im just going nuts over the coming exams.

didn’t do too well for my first analysis
it’s okie, the marks i mean.
not anything to celebrate about.
but I passed.
Though I thought I did good when I handed in my work.
but apparently, it was more of a lit review than an analysis.
so what can I do?
But suck it up, and just do better for the next one yes?

Till I find out that the simplest piece of assignment for Research Methods.
I couldn’t even get a full mark for that.
and had to get a 4.75/5.
I’m not complaining because it’s a good mark.
But I’m just wondering where could that 0.25 have gone to?
wrong number of decimal places and significant figures???
I have yet to see it.
cause the paper is not ready to be returned yet.

all these results are not making me feel very positive about my studying.
as it is, I’m not studying material.
so to do well
and get into Masters and practice what I love to do.
It’s a huge hurdle in my eyes.
But I am determined to get through this.
To not worry about what has already passed
and just do what I can for those that are charging towards me.
yes, charging. they are.
cause time is just flying by. and I am still reading.

Pray for me, whoever still reads my blog.
And I thank you for reading my daily rambles.
but please do pray for me to have the strength and determination to fight on
and to strive and do well for the remaining year
to do God proud and to do my parents proud.
cause that’s what matters to me most.

*im struggling. but I will get there. trust me. I will.*


i will survive.

18 Apr

just one more weekend.
i can do this.
and i will do this with a smile.

at least i’ve done all the readings i need.
and I sorta have a general direction of where the essay will be heading towards.
1500 words.

update : 100 words down.
slow and steady Lianne.

aim for tonight (180409): finish a good introduction. and i mean. good.

UPDATE (190409)

I am halfway through
and have 750 words to go.
I can do this. and I will do this WELL.
pray for me!

UPDATE AGAIN (200409, 2am)

DONE! at last.
im the happiest person in the world.
hopefully it’s of a certain standard and quality.
shall read through it again tmr with a fresher mind.
for now.
im going to crash.
Thanks for your prayers!

PS: thanks baby for cooking dinner and preparing it for the whole day! (:
i love you!

writer’s block

15 Apr

im stuck on this 750 word analysis since yesterday
and I really don’t want to spend that much time on it.
cause it’s 5% and plus I have a more important essay to start
and by start, i mean read and research.
and not even the writing.

i hate it that I kind of have an idea.
but i don’t know how to execute.

Alcohol is good for you.


just one day.

19 Mar

so today it felt like my brain was put into a blnder
and was blended up really well.
but it’s just today.
after this weekend.
it will all be good.

I will survive.