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x o x o

6 May
saw the cutest westie in a car while walking to the supermarket.
and it just reminded me of Sky.
and how much I miss him.

wish i could just cuddle him now.
that would definitely make me smile

Sky Watch Friday

10 Oct

I walked out of my school looking at the most beautiful sky ever.
I love it when it looks like that.
nice huh? (:

Sky : Always Makes Me Smile

28 Sep

He only shows interest in new things.haha
he found this and started chewing! (:
Love this shot of him. hehe


Sky Boy

30 Aug
Every week when we head back to my grandma’s house
Sky would always amuse us in the car. haha
He would put his head on my dad’s arm
while driving home.
it’s a super cute thing he does.
EVERY WEEK without fail! (:

cute right? hehe
Never fails to put a smile on our faces.
Sky boy indeed.