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Pumpkins, spiders and witches – St Gerard’s School

1 Nov
It was my first time celebrating Halloween
and it was my first time planning to celebrate Halloween. heh
and I had so much fun from the beginning!
From buying the things, to decorating it, to carrying out the games and activities!

so when you enter my school
you’ll be greeted with..

mr. Happy man. hehe


Deepavali : Festival of Lights

25 Oct
It was my first time celebrating it as a teacher
and i really had alot of fun!
and of course, ate a bit too much. haha
but there was too much YUMMY food.
there’s no way I could resist
since i really love having indian food. (:
See how much fun we had!

Happy Birthday to You!

24 Oct
It was a double celebration today :
Deepavali and a student’s birthday! (:
(Deepavali will be the next post!)

I am so going to miss all of them =(

Celebrations in Order!