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♥ family love. from NZ

16 Apr
this morning.
the buzzer went off at 730am again.
and I was thinking and telling Baby that I wasn’t waiting for any parcel.
but he went down to get it anyways
he came back through the door with a smile on his face.
and I knew he had something to do with it.

it was a parcel from New Zealand Post! hehe
and I only knew one family there.
which are my cousins! hehe
so i went
and open it instantly
(still half awake mind you) haha

it was a total surprise.
cause I didn’t know they were sending me something.
they didn’t ask me for my address.
so when I said that thought out loud.
Baby went
I gave it to them! hehe
always in the alliance with my family to surprise me. hehe

AHHH! hehe (:
they got me a cupcake teapot! hehe
so cute! hehe
couldn’t stop smiling.
cause it’s something I want for the longest time
just didn’t get it! hehe

thank you so much!! hehe
you guys are just awesome. ♥

i am loved.
by all my family and friends.
and so happen after i finish drinking my chai latte.
i found a heart-shape froth at the end.
hehe how cute. (:



with love. from the UK ♥

15 Apr

Baby and I were woken up by our buzzer at 730am this morning
and it was a package for me! hehe
and I was sooo happy to receive it!

when I opened it i was surprised to see 2 books!
Thanks so much Yiang! ♥

guess i have to bake more now! (: hehe
no more excuses!
not that I have any to not bake to begin with.
just more reasons to bake now.

im a happy girl!