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Update : Job

26 Jul
4 Aug! (:
that’s the date I start my new job at an assistant teacher at St. Gerard’s pre-school
I must say I am pretty excited about this job!
cause it is something I might be doing in my future
helping all the special needs children
and starting from pre-school is a pretty amazing feeling
and Im saying these without even starting my job yet! hehe
I see this as a good sign!

so I’ve got a week before I start work.
I’ve got 2 orders due on the 1 Aug (:
I’ve got time to do what I want to do before I begin! hehe

The only thing I’m not looking forward to is tmr night.
but since I’m working
and Baby is going to be studying
I pray this 3 months will pass really soon!
Cause off I go to Melbourne and Auckland in November!



25 Jul
Got an interview this afternoon
Gonna be like a job of my dreams.
Wish me luck!
I hope I can get something I will love doing
and wake up every morning
looking forward to going to work.
with God’s grace of course!

fingers crossed.