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Surprise Revealed !

1 May
Don’t we all just love surprises?
Don’t know if you all remember reading
my brother and I had 2 surprises planned for my dad and mum
and the first one was the Wii console

and the reason why we got it for Dad
was because he had so much fun
with the one baby and I bought from Melbourne
So we got it for him!
well kor did, but we split the cost hehe

so today,
I’m going to reveal the second surprise.
though we bought it ages ago
but it’s about the right time to reveal it and tell them about it (:

we bought them tickets to New Zealand! hehe
as a birthday present for Dad as well as a Mother’s Day present!
since I’m away this year. hehe
so I think it’s a very appropriate gift for both of them! hehe
second honeymoon (:
just them going around the whole of New Zealand and having a great time.
just thinking about it
puts a smile on my face.
cause they worked so hard the past few months without a maid
and now with the new maid and everything.
Just want them to relax on their own.
and not worry about anything for that few days

So I hope they enjoy the trip
though I know the timing is not too good
cause of Swine Flu.
But im sure they will still enjoy themselves
and just be careful! hehe

We love you both very much!


my lovely Quiling loves me!

15 Jan
hehe my dearest Qiuling passed me so many things recently
when she came over to my place.
and they are all my favourites! whee! (:

all my favourite chocolates! hehe
yummy (:

thanks dearie!

and a cupcake candle! hehe one more cupcake thing to my collection!

im a happy girl!