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With Japanese and Chinese food and Great Company ♥

15 Aug
it’s Friday and TGIF indeed (:
but this particular Friday is different.
Baby and I didn’t cook anything.
not even dessert!
Cheok and Jacky took over the cooking and let me just say.
it was an awesome night with super yummy food!
so compliments to the Chefs of the night!
was super awesome la. hehe

Menu for the night :

Garlic and chicken fried rice
Tuna tataki
Cabbage and meat rolls

we were ALL bloated by the end of the night.

so the day started with buying the tuna from the market.
I followed Cheok to the market cause he wasn’t sure how to choose the tuna
so after getting back from uni I accompanied him to the market to help him out!
and it was the best piece of tuna we’ve had in the longest time!
especially since the tuna we normally have is from a tin. haha
but yes. this was awesome! (:
Sashimi grade aye. haha

the tuna cutlets being coated with cracked pepper
and all ready for the super hot pan to seal it off! (:

but before sealing it off.
Cheok had to fry the garlic (HEAPS OF IT) and chicken and the rice! (:
my dearest brother called to see how he was doing. haha.
so funny. ALL THE LOVE in the house! hehe

more photos of the night !

wish you could stay longer

5 Aug

cause it’s been a while I had so much fun with you! (:
the last time was in September with Jas.
hopefully this september. it could happen again!
maybe we could have our YJL day! 
im praying and hoping. hehe.
but no pressure!
i was just really happy to hang out with you after so long

hope you had as much fun as i did!
i tried to bring you to as many of my favourite places as possible. haha.
we will cover more next time, i promise! (:

of course i couldn’t not bring you to the cupcakes place! (:
it was the first on my list!
and im so happy you enjoyed them as well.
the Belgium dark chocolate is truly the yummiest! hehe

the numbers are the ratings of the 4 we had that afternoon hehe
the least favourite was carrot.

 1 – Belgium Dark Chocolate
2 – Red Velvet
3 – Cookies and Cream
4 – Carrot

haha. how nice to be tall for just a few seconds! (:

Hope to see you again soooon!!! hehe



Happy 21st !

2 Aug

was Shivani’s 21st yesterday
and we were invited to her party at One Fitzroy Street Bar (:
and it was a pretty awesome party.
Cheok came along as well to join in the fun haha
though we were probably older than all of them
plus they were all Med students. haha
so we ended up having fun amongst ourselves and talking about everything and anything.
and her friends were the sweetest people.
speeches and slide shows
and singing. haha. and cause the party was themed Hat and Gloves.
some really embraced it.
One guy was Charlie Chaplin and one was Michael Jackson
and many more other characters.
just that these two really stood out. haha (:

was really glad Aunty Sue was there too!
so we kept her company for a while before she had to go entertain other guests. hehe
and let me just say.
she had the most awesome cake everrrr.

Hat and Gloves !

all smiles Saturday

2 Aug
guess who is down-under? (:
YIANG! hehe.
so happy when she told me she would be in town for the weekend and a few more days after.
so we had a chance to hang out after the longest time!
which was super awesome.
Uncle Tay bought us lunch at Lucky Chan at Crown.
DIM SUM. who wouldn’t be happy with that? hehe
it was super yums.
and it was so nice of him to buy us lunch.
and was great catching up over good food!

after that. I brought Yiang to Vic Market cause she needed her daily bite of apples! hehe
and I wanted her to feel the atmosphere. haha
boy was it packed cause it was 30mins to closing! (:
imgaine the amount of screams and shouts happening at that time. haha

after that. we headed to the newly open Lindt Chocolate Cafe on Collins Street!
was super excited cause I’ve read that they had one in Sydney.
and only came about knowing they opened one here a couple of days back!
so it was a brand new experience for both of us! haha.

the cafe was in this old building with super awesome and pretty interior! (:
we were mesmerized by how the interior looks.
and they had so many different kinds of chocolate.
we were spoilt for choice!

more photos!

warmth in different ways.

13 Jun
Winter is officially here.
and I for one, is super scared of the cold.
but I’m lucky.
in more ways than one.

before Winter even set in.
My dearest Queenie gave me something
which would keep me warm to the max! (:
and I love it!
and the soft touch of it. is just awesome. hehe

thank u so much! hehe
i havent thanked you for it yet. hehe
cos I just started using it!
keeps my hands and feet warm! hehe

and when I speak to my parents.
when I told them it’s getting really cold.
they would ask me to get a heater and electrical blanket.
but their love from a distance. is kinda keeping me warm as well. (:
deep inside. hehe

and of course.
my dearest baby. (:
who is cooking, washing and doing everything know that I still have 2 papers to go.
and he is done.
without any complaints.
and i wake up to a hearty breakfast.

scrambled eggs with porcini mushrooms. hehe
and my favourite crossiant.
and because there was only one left.
he gave it to me.
and had cereal instead.
cos he knew I really love the crossiant. hehe

so thank u thank u! (:
though it’s cold.
but it’s made bearable cos of all of you! hehe

love you all!


if only every night was like this.

7 Jun
Belgian Beer Cafe Eureka
5 Riverside Quay
Victoria 3004

Business Hours : 11am till late
(we were there till 1am! haha)

absolutely enjoyed my Sat this weekend (:
took a day off before studying for my paper on Tuesday.
Just needed to rest the brain a little. haha
after all the essays, one after another.
Just needed the break! hehe

was really nice of Peggy and Paul to invite us to the Belgian Beer Cafe at the Eureka towers
with their friends from Singapore
we met at the Food and Wine Show
but went home for dinner and did a bit of work
before meeting them again for after dinner drinks (:
was great.
drank, talked, gossiped and laughed.
been a while since I laughed SO MUCH
till my cheeks felt a bit cramped. haha
but was good!

The Belgian Beer Cafe are of course, as suggested haha, known for their beers!

they had this super cute tasting rack
and you have 100ml of their beers on tap.
and u get the best of ALL the worlds. haha

the Stella Artois
Hoegaarden White
Leffe Blonde (my favourite)
Leffe Brune
Belle-Vue Kriek

Peggy said the last one tasted like blood!
haha but suppose to be sour cherries hehe
i quite liked it though. cause it didn’t really taste like beer.
just some sparkly cherry drink. hehe

then Paul ordered a beer with the cutest looking drinking cup. haha
and it was a very special glass that he had to pay a deposit for it.
weird! but yes.

it’s called a Kwak! haha.
wanted to fit the whole glass in the photo. 
and caught Paul’s face. oops. haha

if you guys intend to go there.
try their food! hehe
Baby and I went there last year during our anniversary
and it was super yummy! hehe

Thanks for inviting us guys! 
can’t wait till exams are over
then we could actually do this more often! haha

Bliss. (:

good food + great company + awesome surprise = Happy Lianne !

29 May

was an awesome awesome night. for many reasons.

i came home to someone hiding in my room. haha
and SURPRISE! hehe
Qiuling appeared!!!! *Screams*
without telling me she had a flight to Melbourne la. hehe
she and Cheok hid this from me
to surprise both me and baby last night.

Thank you thank you! hehe
so happy you’re here. (:
Even if it was just for the night.
it was awesome to have someone close in Melbourne.
Always is. hehe
HEAPS of pictures! (:

Going Oriental

15 May

Oriental Tea House
Shop F015 Chadstone Shopping Centre

Opening Hours:
Mon- Wed: 9am – 6pm
Thurs – Sat: 9am – 9pm

Met Eunice and Shivani for lunch today.
The world is really small.
I’ve known Shivani since i was 6/7 haha.
and Eunice was my junior in MGS
and they are good friends now doing the same course! hehe
seriously small world. yum yums

been too long a while my friend

9 May

it has been 7 years.
yes it has been that long since I’ve met up with Ayeeba
and she came to Melbourne
which was awesome! cos we had a chance to meet up and have breakie together (:

and because she asked if there was a nice place to go for pasties.
I thought I’d bring her to Laurent.
My favourite place to go for croissants.
Almond croissant to be exact.

proud and smiling

6 May

may not be the best photo of you.
but just want to congratulate you
and tell you how proud I am of you
and I am just so honoured to have a friend in my life.

Sportswoman of the year 2009.

loveya heaps dearie! (: