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with you there’s always good food

20 Feb
it’s true.
we have taste buds and noses that would lead us to places with good food (:

this time.
i decided to bring baby to imperial treasure for lunch at Ion
and the queue was so long!
we waited for quite a while before we got our table
but the wait was worth it! haha
the food was goood!

we ordered a few of our favourites :

crispy skin pork!

how nicely cooked is that!
it looked like it has been pressed! hehe
super yum!

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you put a smile on my face

9 Feb

due to work and the preparations for CNY
i’ve been really busy and haven’t been able to spend some time with my baby.
im so glad we got to do that last week! (:
it was nice and i just felt very loved. hehe

we went to Vivo city (the first time since we got back)
and realised there were SO MANY changes! haha
I felt so sua ku! goodness.

ah wells.
We made our way to Brotzeit.

this German food and bar place that had baby’s favourite – pork knuckles!

well. since we were at a german food and bar place.
of course, we had some beer with our food!

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adventures with me parents!

13 Dec
really sorry for the long disappearance.
it was exams, then a visit from my parents.
then i shifted house! so the internet was down for like 2 weeks.
so sorry!

but im back!
with the net up and photos to post!
my parents came for 12 wonderful days
and boy did I have fun.
and already I miss them and can’t wait to get home (:

their trip started with a drive up to Mount Dandenong to have the famous Ms Marples!
and their scones is something everyone looks forward to!
Aunty Sue was also in Melbourne then and we asked her along.
cause we always ate the same thing.
I didn’t make everyone wait to take photos of the food.
haha. so no food photos im afraid!
we decided to explore Mount Dandenong a little more than usual
and walked into all the small shops in the different small "towns"

we also made a trip to the peak of Mount Dandenong
and snapped a few shots!

the major road trip this time
was going to Geelong-Great Ocean Road-Mornington Peninsula.
and we visited SO MANY VINEYARDS heh
i think my dad was the happiest man for those few days. (:

so first stop of roadtrip : Geelong

super photo heavy !

Taste of Melbourne

30 Aug

this was the first year we ever been to this event
and boy was I glad we did (:
it was so good!
although more pricey than the Food and Wine Festival.
but the food was more on the fine dining standard.
and they were all super good!
it was also a birthday gift from me to baby.
though not that expensive.
but I do hope he enjoyed himself! (:

when we arrived to collect our Premium tickets at the Royal Exhibition Building (Carlton Gardens)
it started pouring! rah. haha
and i got super drenched cause I didn’t have a hood to protect my head.
so the photos of me all look weird and ugly. rah. haha.
okie never mind.
the main thing to concentrate on was the FOOD! (: so here they are!
photo overload

20 Jul
Paulaner Bräuhaus
9 Raffles Boulevard
#01-01 Time²@Millenia Walk

Tel: 6883 2572

Daddy has been waiting for a chance to bring us to this place for their pork knuckle
and it’s only worth going if Baby goes
cause he would be able to help us finish haha.
so we went the afternoon before we flew (:
my dearest daddy took a day off for me and we went to have a good meal!

the interior is pretty nice! (:
trying to make it like we’re in Germany haha.
or somewhere there. hehe

food and beer.

Bar Stop

20 Jul
Bar Stop
6 Devonshire Road

Tel: 6735 6614

Melvin was so nice to invite us out for drinks
the weekend before baby and I left for Melbourne.
and we went to Bar Stop
this new place (to us at least haha)
and I must say
it’s a super nice place (:
will want to bring mum and dad there.
cause there is a live band
and their food is awesome! hehe

we ordered a few things
and my Umeshu just kept coming haha
seriously love this drink now
plus the plums! (:
and I had an extra one some more haha.
for my last drink.
so happy!

in the foreground
though not too clear
and the photo doesn’t do it any justice at all
cause it’s super duper yummy.
it’s the prawns coated with wasabi mayo (:

in the background.
it’s the mini chicken burgers! hehe
SO GOOD! hehe

how cute do they look??
their buns are made from scratch
and it’s so fresh and good! (:

how small u ask?

compared to baby’s hands. haha

still can’t tell?

now can u tell how small? haha
compared to my baby. hehe
like pop in your mouth size! hehe

would love to go back there again when I am back at the end of the year!
thanks Melvin for the treat that night
and thanks Kor for bringing us there! (:


Tao’s Restaurant

20 Jul
Tao’s Restaurant
1 Selegie Road,
PoMo (Formerly known as Paradiz Centre),
#B1-19, Singapore 188306

Phone: 6339 8858

this is one of my favourite places to have lunch.
went there a couple of times.
with good friends.
and family (:
and this time.
Aunty Sue treated us to lunch! hehe
and I really wanted Shivani and Baby to try.
cause they both haven’t tried it yet.
a place with TIP NOTCH service
and super good quality food. (:
what could be better?

and lunch or dinner are both set meals.
6 and 7 courses respectively.
and it’s just awesome.
and prices are reasonable as well! so u should all try
if you haven’t already. hehe


food food food

20 Jul
238 Thomson Road #01-56/58
Novena Square
Singapore 307683

Phone : 6352 9257

Ichiban Sushi
238 Thomson Road #01-61
Novena Square
Singapore 307683

Phone: 6352 7295

this trip back.
was all about family.
and spending more time with them. cos i missed them heaps
this year seems especially difficult.
been too pampered during my gap year last year.
but well. im just glad to be able to spend time with them.
the 5 days I had self-quarantined myself.
I was really glad.
cos I got tospend every min I could with my mum
and had meals home with my dad and brother every night.
that made me the happiest girl.

after the quarantined period.
the search for good food begins!
some with baby some with my family.
the past few posts has shown two of the yummy places i’ve been
Marmalade Pantry and Imperial Treasure.
 this post. of course. will have MORE food i’ve had. (:
a short trip.
but I’ve covered quite a bit
(though I didn’t get to have my favourite Bak Chor Mee, but end of the year. I will have more chances!)

the place we constantly end up going this trip is TCC at Novena. (:
Cause baby’s grandma was at TTSH.
so I usually wait for him at Novena.
(didn’t go see her at the hospital then, cause didn’t want to compromise her health)

food food yums!

good company.good food.

12 Jul
Marmalade Pantry
Unit B1-08 to 11
Palais Renaissance
390 Orchard Road


it was a get together with the three girls for lunch! (:
was so glad everyone could make it.
cause my time back is so short.
and i had something on for almost every meal.
PLUS i wanted to spend more time with my parents.
cos that’s really what I came back for.
and I did! so I’m glad. hehe
okie that’s besides the point! so yes. back to the days event
June jiejie and I decided to treat Gladys to a advance birthday lunch
cause I won’t be in Singapore on her actual. hehe

so we decided to head to Marmalade Pantry for lunch
since I’ve never had it before. and have been wanting to try it for the longest time!
and I’m so glad we went there.
cause the food was amazing!
and the service was impeccable (:
x o x o x o x o

cravings satisfied.

12 Jul
Imperial Treasure Cantonese Cuisine
75 Airport Boulevard #01-02
CrownePlaza Changi Airport Terminal 3

Tel: 68228228
(reservations a must!)

since I left for Melbourne.
what I really really crave for is Dim Sum.
and trust me.
even Taipan is not good enough to satisfy my craving for dim sum.
though it’s the best I could fine.
so the first place I went after my self-quarantine was Imperial Treasure (:
and we decided to go to the one at Changi Airport T3! hehe

love how the interior looks.
and their wine cellar is just awesome.
hehe reminds me for the Carlsberg advertisement.

and we ordered SO MUCH FOOD! hehe
but I was super happy. (:
foodie pictures!