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Peach Garden 桃苑 (Thomson Plaza)

28 Feb

Peach Garden

301 Upper Thomson Road

#01-88 Thomson Plaza

Telephone : 64513233

It’s a really delayed post

but I was super happy when we got to try this place on Baby’s Mummy’s birthday

the food ; awesome ; really

pineapple buns! love it. was good.

had char siew in them. my favourite!

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love thy family

26 Feb

and i sure do (:

every Chinese New year it’s the time for us to gather and have fun together

and this year was really fun! hehe

good food, good company and good times.

they mean the world to me (:

and so do they! thanks for making this year’s new year and every new year an awesome one!

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a little treasure found

20 Feb
Buona Pizza Bar & Italian Restaurant
27 Lichfield Road
Serangoon Garden Estate

Tel : 67335646

I’ve been hearing my parents and my brother rave about this place
and korkor decided to surprise mummy
by booking this place for her birthday without telling her. (:
i love surprises so I was super happy to hear he had this planned.
plus i’ve been wanting to try this place for the longest time!and it’s a perfect way to try it : with my loved ones.

forgive me that I didnt remember any of the names haha
Can’t seem to find the menu online either. hehe
so the pictures will have to do!

so we started off the night with a starter to share

and boy was this good. it’s no doubt that it was on the specials for the night (:

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adventures with me parents!

13 Dec
really sorry for the long disappearance.
it was exams, then a visit from my parents.
then i shifted house! so the internet was down for like 2 weeks.
so sorry!

but im back!
with the net up and photos to post!
my parents came for 12 wonderful days
and boy did I have fun.
and already I miss them and can’t wait to get home (:

their trip started with a drive up to Mount Dandenong to have the famous Ms Marples!
and their scones is something everyone looks forward to!
Aunty Sue was also in Melbourne then and we asked her along.
cause we always ate the same thing.
I didn’t make everyone wait to take photos of the food.
haha. so no food photos im afraid!
we decided to explore Mount Dandenong a little more than usual
and walked into all the small shops in the different small "towns"

we also made a trip to the peak of Mount Dandenong
and snapped a few shots!

the major road trip this time
was going to Geelong-Great Ocean Road-Mornington Peninsula.
and we visited SO MANY VINEYARDS heh
i think my dad was the happiest man for those few days. (:

so first stop of roadtrip : Geelong

super photo heavy !

My brother’s on Youtube!

20 Oct



14 Oct

love of a family is life’s greatest blessing.

a family affair.

21 Aug

Hey everyone! (:
My brother (James) and his friend (Stuart) just set up a shop selling eco-friendly products
I’m super excited about it! haha
and I’m hoping you will all support him!
head down to his shop at Chinatown for a little peak
No obligations!
It will just be nice to go give him a little support! hehe

So if you head to Chinatown to have a meal and have a few extra minutes.
Why not just drop by and take a look
you never know what would come in handy at your house
and the things that could interest you!
and if you have any queries or anything about certain products.
please feel free to ask him!
he would be more than happy to answer your questions!
and at the same time,  you would be helping the environment too!

So give it a thought
and all of you are more than welcome to drop by! (:

Thank you in advance!

Thank you again!


home is where the heart is.

27 May

if only my holidays were longer.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

23 May

without you. I’m cant’ be where I am today.
love you dad! (:


stewed pig trotters : baby’s favourite

18 May
ever since we had pig trotters at the sichuan restaurant with Peggy and Paul
Baby has been wanting to have the stewed one for the longest time.
PLUS. he usually have it every Sunday either at the market after church
or at his grandmas.
so I really wanted to let him have his comfort food (:
though I hope he didn’t need the comforting. hehe
but it’s always nice to taste something familiar and brings him good memories.

I wouldn’t say of course that my first time stewed pig trotters tasted as good as his grandma’s
I wouldn’t dare.
cos those are huge shoes to fill.
but I think for my first time.
I didn’t do half as bad a job (:
Well. He enjoyed it to the max.
and leaving it to stew the whole day was really the way to go.
plus cooking it in the claypot.

Nice and soft. the meat just falling off the bones.
not too salty
but a nice dark saucy colour. hehe
im happy how it turned out (:

definitely definitely cooking it again.
and we’re thinking this is one dish Paul might enjoy
so maybe the next time would be during our potluck night! haha
so ambitious.