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The Training Geek.

17 Apr

Oops! Sorry! Been away from this blog for so long. Will update exciting things soon I promise! But first of all.. I’m gonna introduce you all to…

The Training Geek.

Wanna learn more about working out?

Wanna stay fit and healthy?

Wanna challenge yourself?

Click on the picture above to empower yourself! (:

It doesn’t matter if you want to work out on your own or with a group of friends, The Training Geek caters to all! Have a go, don’t be shy. It will all be worth it, I promise!


Reaching My Goal

19 Apr

I look forward to our evening walks and jogs every day (:


12 Apr

baby has been doing crossfit workouts for the longest time.

I have been fighting with myself to exercise regularly. Yes, I have to say, I love food too much. I refuse to stop eating what I love and what makes me happy. Especially sweet stuff. I refuse to stop cooking or baking just so I can be skinny. I REFUSE. haha. So yes, the only way I could continue eating and still fit in my clothes, is probably exercise.

so yesterday, I did the one thing I thought would be impossible : crossfit workout. haha truthfully, by the end of it, I thought I was going to collapse hahah but I could still do boxing for another 15 mins! hehe so I am really proud of myself.

woke up today with a whole body ache! haha it’s like a long lost friend, which found me again. (: It’s painful but it feels good.

and just so I have a record of what I did :

3 rounds of 5 mins with 1 min rest; max rounds in worktime

3 wall push-ups

6 sit-ups

9 bodyweight squats

and I did 20 rounds of this in the 15 mins! hehe SO PROUD! hehe

so am i converted? as in am i now a avid crosfitter? haha Don’t know that yet! and I think it’s a little too early to tell. but we shall see! Always good to take that first step!

It does feel good to achieve something I’ve never done before. (:

(thank you for being patient with me! i love you!)

getting fit !

1 Apr

Had too much to eat?

Or just want to keep fit and healthy?


Breakfast At The Quarter

28 Mar
The Quarter
27 Degraves Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel : 03 9650 6156

did I tell you? Baby’s got a job! One that he is really excited about and looking forward to start. A health club instructor. yes I know, it sounds weird. But really it’s just a name and he is in fact a gym instructor. haha. I think this sounds better! He took his first spin class this morning and is a personal trainer after which! (: I am very sure he will be awesome in this, cause he has been working out since forever and is also MY personal trainer in our garage, I mean, gym. haha

so CONGRATULATIONS sweetie! hehe

His training started last week and his shifts, I must say, is at the weirdest hours of the day. Not all the shifts, just one. haha 6-9am! Cause it’s a corporate gym hehe so he has to be there before they start work. So my poor baby has to be up at 430am during these shifts! But I guess, when you like a job, it doesn’t really matter what time you have to wake up. hehe

So I went to meet him after his training last Friday and he was so sweet to treat me to breakfast! And because he knew I have been craving for pancakes for the longest time, we were on the hunt for a place with pancakes besides Pancake Parlour. hah

so we walked to our favourite lane to have breakfast. and found The Quarter! (:

and yes! they have pancakes!!! hehe

yummmm. fluffy buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup and strawberries! Who’s a happy girl? hehe

and breakfast won’t be complete without a cup of chai latte!

baby ordered the big breakfast and it was a plate with everything : eggs, sausage, bacon, spinach,mushrooms and tomatoes!

it was a good spread and the scramble eggs are really yummy! though I do prefer mine to be creamy and soft. but this would also do! hehe

Thank you sweetie for the yummy breakfast and all the best for the first the of work!

i love you.

after a 3 day break

15 Aug

yes. haha i took one more day off yesterday.
RAH! haha (:
but well. today I went on the treadmill!
been a while since i actually used the treadmill.
just been cycling and cycling
and did minimal weights.
but all is changed now! haha.

so did 25 mins on the treadmill today
with a speed of 6 and an inclination of 10.
not too bad yea? haha (:
well. for a start anyway.

tomorrow would be the same. just with weights for my arms and back again! (:
been a week. woohoo!
yes. it’s weird cos i’m cheering myself on. but yes.
it helps me heaps!

Have to thank my baby for being super duper patient with me hehe
i love you! (:

Two days off

13 Aug
yes i know. signs of laziness is back again.
But, not trying to sound like an excuse,
my whole body is aching very badly so the two days rest is almost a must.
or else I won’t be able to do anything else the rest of the week.
So hopefully by tomorrow the aches and pains are gone
and I will be able to go on the bike or maybe shall use the treadmill tmr (:


Day 3 : slow and easy

11 Aug

3rd day in a row (:
I’m progressing well. but a little slow.
though I did slow is alright!
I need to do it at my own pace.
so I won’t get frustrated with exercising.
and actually continue doing it everyday.

my whole body was aching today
after the weights I did on Sunday and yesterday.
so arms, back and legs.
practically covered the whole body now. hehe
so today was just cardio.
and I’m glad.
cos I don’t think I will be able to do any weights at all. haha.
tomorrow might be a day off or just cardio as well (:
we shall see!

but I’m glad I’m doing it at this pace.
just have to keep encouraging myself!
sorry for the constant boring progress report. haha
Bear with me!

Day 2 : Jelly Legs

10 Aug


so far so good.
Went to the gym in the evening before dinner
and worked on my legs.
though my back and my arms are aching pretty badly.
haha. a small hint for my dearest baby.hehe
though he already promised me one tonight especially for my upper back!
so I’m super looking forward to that. hehe
the perks of my baby having massage certificates. hehe

so yes.
it’s LEGS today.
cycled and did weights for the legs.
some other work out for the inner thighs
and squats! (:
my legs were jelly before I could decide on if I should do a few reps of lunges. haha
Guess I will leave that to tmr or the day after.

tried to work a little harder today
cause baby and I had a super bad craving of KFC’s wicked wings.
and we ate SOOOO much.
I’m still full from the chicken i think.
probably the grease. haha.
so going to the gym was a good choice!

I’m so much a foodie that going to the gym might not be enough to make me lose weight!
rah! haha (:
but I will just go as my body tells me.
and just be happy with how I look!

thanks to those who gave me a word of encouragement.
I need it terribly in times like these! haha

on another note.
im going to try baking the corn muffins from Kenny Rogers! haha
hopefully tomorrow.
need to buy corn meal or polenta! (:

Day 1 : Slow and Steady

9 Aug
I’ve put this off for a very long time.
Too long to be very honest.
and I am quite embarrassed. haha
but today. I pushed myself to go to the gym with Baby to get some cardio done.
and not only did I do some cardio.
I lifted some weights too! (:
which I am very happy about.

and yes. I do believe the first day of exercise
has to be something light and less intense.
Just so my body won’t hate it.
like i use to.

I use to really hate going to the gym.
though I know deep down inside that I should learn to love it. haha.
and I promise Peggy that once I get a part time job.
and have extra income.
I will join Fitness First and go to the classes with her.
well. that won’t be anytime soon.
So I really gotta try and push myself now! (:

so day 1 is done.
going to gym first thing tomorrow morning if everything goes well. hah
or else it will be in the evening again.
either one. I will get some form of exercise done tomorrow!

so bear with me while I dothis daily update thing.
might seem like a silly thing to do.
but i do this for a reason.
Just so I have the extra pairs of eyes.
to check on me and make sure I am doing what I promise I would do! (:
Thank you in advance for your patience and hopefully your encouragement!