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no such thing as too much tabs.

19 Jun

last paper.
omg. i seriously can’t wait.
May God grant me endless Wisdom and Strength.
The memory to remember everything I’ve revised
and calmness during my paper.

I can do this! (:
415pm. I’ll be done.
Drinks tonight. FOR SURE.



stop and smell the roses.

17 Jun

2 more days. just 2 more days.
this time on Friday I would be doing my happy dance.
and feeling a huge sense of relief.

I am going to do my best-est for my last paper.


2 down ; just one to go

16 Jun
though today’s paper was a toughie.
what’s done is done.
Just have to pray for God’s grace. (:
two down. Just one more to go!

not my favourite subject.
but still gotta do it and do it the best I can.
so ADD OIL lianne! 
the weekend is coming soon!


pre-exam jitters

15 Jun
so it’s jus the night before my morning paper tmr.
and being me.
I always do this to myself.
worrying and to the verge of breaking down
the day before my paper.
ugh. this sucks.
i want this to end NOW!


one down. two to go.

14 Jun

16th June (Tuesday) : Research Methods C (10-12pm)
19th June (Friday) : Perceptual and Conceptual Issues (2-4pm)

pray for me!

I can’t wait for the weekend to come again
cause it just means the exams are O-V-E-R! (:

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


this is it.

9 Jun
im leaving the house soon to go for my first paper.


my first; your last.

8 Jun

my first paper tomorrow.
Health Psychology.
Need confidence. and need the brains to remember things.
I need to do this. for myself, for you, for my family..
I know i can.

and I will.
Do my very best.

Pray for me (:

Race against time, to the finish line.

1 Jun

baby’s on his way to his first paper.
yes. his exams has started.
his end, marks my beginning.
you can do it!
you always can. hehe
I’m not even a bit anxious for you.
cause you always give a super good result.

for me, now.
type type type!

have I ever told you how much I hate the SP model?