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Earth Hour – People doing their part or are they?

31 Mar
Just a few days ago.
we went through Earth Hour.
and it was quite amazing to see the difference from a normal night in the city
I was really shocked when i looked out of the balcony
and saw the amount of lights switched on in the building opposite to where we live!

during Earth Hour

Normal days!

like. can you say.
what a difference yes?
it’s quite ridiculous.
cause it’s switched on like this almost every night.

they need to realise how much electricity they are wasting.


things to do this weekend : Checklist

28 Mar
Well. I know. this weekend.
will be filled with studying and readings.
for the up and coming essays and tests.
but this weekend. I would like to make my days a bit more exciting than that.
haha. (:

Saturday 28th March 2009

Morning 830am :
Stephie’s Graduation

Evening 830pm : Earth Hour

Well. This is our first year participating in this event.
I would definitely think it’s for a great cause.
and what’s better than watching a movie in the dark for that one hour
or even having a candle-light dinner ?
All i can see is it’s going to be an awesome hour.
plus. saving the Earth. WOOHOO! (: haha
(normally, i don’t get too enthusiastic about such things,
but I am influenced by my dearest brother)

Sunday 29th March 2009

Morning 1030am : Cupcake Pops challenge!

(photo credited to: Bakerella and iheartcuppycakes)

I have been meaning to do these lovely looking delicious cute little pops for ages!
and I saw this post by iheatcuppycakes and I just couldn’t say no! (:
so count me in! I accept the challenge. hehe
I just hope they will turn out as pretty as the ones in the picture!

So these are the things I’m going to do this weekend.

What are your plans?