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Fantabulous dinner

8 May
Friday nights are always fabulous dinner nights.
Baby and I try new recipes to cook and bake.
just so to take the stress off that is induced from Uni or work.
and it always works! (:

So this week. Baby decided to make one of the dishes that I have been wanting to try :

Stuffed Chicken Legs with Pea and Broad-bean Risotto

It had alot of preparation before you actually get to sink your teeth into the yums.
So thank you for the effort sweets!

my baby THE chef ♥

7 May
I ended quite late yesterday from Uni.
but had already planned to go to the gym with Siti
and so I didn’t go back on my word.
and we did! (:
and you know what was the best thing
and made me the luckiest girl in the world?
it’s when you reach home after a grueling exercise session (actually wasn’t too bad)
and smell the awesome yummy smell of dinner prepared by my baby (:
and very well know that dinner is going to be awesome!

and so it was (:

after watching so much F word (a Gordan Ramsay cook show)
we tend to try everything we could that he put up the recipes for.
so tonight. baby tried the

Dover sole with shrimp butter sauce

more peektures of the food. yums!

love from my boy

3 May
Baby cooked dinner tonight
and it was awesome! hehe
been really long since we had Paella.
and because I saw Gordan Ramsay cooking it on the F word.
(yes, yet again)
I wanted to have it! hehe
thank you for cooking it for me (:
i love you!

recipe undercut and a few more peektures!

one down one more to go.

15 Apr
Dainty Sichuan Food Restaurant
26 Corrs Lane

Tel : (03) 96638861
(Closed on Tuesdays)

so i had the best sichuan food evertonight
thanks to Peggy (:
it was awesome. hehe.
thanks for inviting us! hehe
the food was spicy, oily and everything that will make your stomach churn.
yes i know. doesnt sound too nice.
but trust me. the food was yumms! hehe

The restaurant was situated at this small little alley
at the corner.
but the queue was crazy.
the crowd was crazy for a wednesday night.
the number of people going in and going out of the restaurant was just madness.
and if you don’t book.
you can’t get a table unless you have all your people there with you.
that’s how packed they are!

it’s a pity i didn’t get to take the photo of the food.
i will the next time i go back with Baby.
cause too many people at the table.
was shy to stop them from eating just to snap the photos.
but the food was really good.
i swear! haha

okie. so before going into the restaurant.
baby and I witness the amount of dried chilli the food will have.

the supplier came with this HUGE bag of dried chilli
that made jaw drop! haha.
and for your information.
it’s not just one bag.
it was TWO! hahaha

haha. yes. with tonnes of chinese cooking wine!
it was just scary.
but looking at the food
(which i promise i will show u the next time i go there)
im not surprised at why they need so much chilli! haha

okie. so yes. after the awesome dinner.
i went home to finish the long-due essay
(overdue cause i was hoping to finish this yesterday!)
but yes. im glad one is down
and tomorrow will be :

research and reading day!

which by the way
i can’t believe i actually named the day. but yes.
just keeps my aim in mind.
so hopefully i can get the last one done and enjoy the weekend before uni starts!

*fingers crossed*

for now.
slumber land.


happy 23rd! ♥

9 Apr

Bistro Vue
430 Little Collins Street
(Entrance via New Chancery Laneway)
Victoria 3000

Tel : (03) 96913838

It was just the best 23rd birthday anyone could get. (:
Though I had uni and like meeting with my supervisor
which always ends up with me being super lost.
yesterday was just different.
I left the office feeling way better than before.
with a direction of where the project was going! hehe

the only down thing for the day was I miss my tram in the morning
just cause I couldnt cross the road in time. rah.
and I had to run after one when uni was over. hehe
not a tram-my day i suppose.

but I came home to a lovely surprise from my baby (:
flowers. on. our. bed! hehe
i was super shocked!

so pretty (: hehe
thank you thank you sweetie! hehe
you always know how to make me smile!
happy happy me !

craving no more !

4 Apr

7&7 Korean Restaurant
21B Koorang Road
Vic 3163
Tel : (03) 95724711

Booking essential for dinner!

I have been having a HUGE craving for korean food
and I am so glad everyone would go and eat it with me! haha (:
we met (the usual 5 of us) for dinner last night.
and I am one happy girl! (yet again)

bulgogi.bulgogi. and more bulgogi.

a sniff of back home

31 Mar
we had half a duck sitting in our freezer for the longest time
and just though of making something that we really miss with it.
and the thing that came up in our minds was..

and it wasn’t difficult to make at all! (: hehe

Ingredients :

Duck ( chopped up into pieces)
Bamboo shoots (1 can)
3 tablespoons of oyster sauce
1 tablespoon of sesame oil
1 tablespoon of chinese wine
2 tablespoon of dark soy sauce
1 tablespoon of light soy sauce
1 big chunk of ginger (sliced thinly)
2 small onions / shallots
1 teaspoon of fermented black bean
1 teaspoon of fermented yellow beans
3 heaps tablespoons of chilli paste

Methods :

1. Fry the ginger and onion till brown, add the duck and fry skin down first.
2. In a bowl, mix the sauces together and pour it into the pot. Add in the chilli paste and stir well.
3. Mix the sauce through and well. Add 4 tablespoons of water. Let it simmer for about 1/2 hour.
4. Add in the bamboo shoots and let it simmer for another 20-25mins.
5. Serve with rice.

it tasted great! though i didn’t have the fermented beans.
the taste wasn’t very different from my mummy’s. hehe
so im happy. and my tummy is also very happy (:

give it a try. and let me know how it went!


Tuesday is half price Bluefire Day!

26 Mar
Steph and her family are all back in Melbourne
cause my dear Stephie is graduating this Sat! (:

we met for dinner on Tuesday night.
and since it was Tuesday
the only place I could think of to bring them was Bluefire
cause of their half price deal!
and boy did we eat HEAPS. haha.
Thank you so much uncle and aunty for this really superbly yummy dinner. (:


eat and just be happy!

16 Mar
i say that only because eating good food really does make me happy
no matter how oily or plain it is.
as long as it’s yummy
and i love it.
im happy (:

met up with the usual gang for dinner on Saturday
but Cheok couldn’t join us this time. hehe
next time buddy!

we went to Greasy Joe’s! hehe
been a while since we had it.
more than a year for me. hehe
and the food was no doubt awesome!

well. we were smiling.
inside and out
that’s for sure. hehe

on the note of this "healthy" food we’re eating
the news is reporting something quite bizarre.
"losing weight in a sweet way, fighting fat with sugar!"
literally. this would be interesting (:

well the eating streak doesn’t stop here! hehe
will be posting about what yummy food we had the next day!

for now. it’s bed time. cos today i had a super long day

today will be cheat day

14 Mar
it’s cheat day!
so we can eat anything and everything we want! haha
of course. i felt bad at the end of the day
but never mind that! (:

haha. baby and I have been craving for pizzas.
and last night
we had the chance to have it with Cheok at Papa Ginos! hehe
been sooo long since we had pizza.
and baby was really looking forward to the super special (:

3 of us ordered 2 LARGE pizzas. haha.
i had three slices. which is more than i usually have haha
and the boys finished the rest! hehe
13 slices between the 2 of them.
they sure can eat! hehe

how awesome do they look? hehe
meat lovers is my all-time favourite.

well. another cheat day today.
having Greasy Joe’s for dinner! hehe
cant wait till that!