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Teacher’s Day! (:

30 Aug
My first Teacher’s Day celebration for me! (:
it’s kinda cool really. hehe
and nice of my boss to treat all of us to dinner at Oriental Hotel!
I was so happy la. haha
and I received gifts from my students
and cards from parents
that could bring tears to my eyes while reading them

So Thank You Ms Vasugi for everything. Really. (:

A pleasant surprise!

Order Up!

31 Jul
My second order! (:
Thank you again Aili for supporting me. hehe
very nice of you.
Hope you and your friend enjoyed the cupcakes! hehe

this time
there wasn’t any red velvet cupcakes.
she ordered chocolate cupcakes and the banana walnut one (healthier choice!)

these were how they turned out!
i was quite happy! (:

she’s going to use this as her blog’s heading hehe
thankfully the sugarpaste dried in time! haha

a close up!
chocolate cupcake with chocolate ganache

and the healthier choice
Banana walnut cupcake!
with a flower cut-up banana haha
so cute right?
i like it alot. hehe

and so did my dad! hehe
cos I made some extra for home (:
they loved it! hehe

hope you did too, Aili!

cupcakes make me happy

21 Jun

Darrelle, who is the darling she is.
bought me something I love! (:
seeing it jus makes me happy. hehe
Thank u so much my dear.
I’m lucky to have u as a friend! hehe since young man. haha.


Bestie Cupcake Day

11 Jun

Been looking forward to this day for a very long time!
and finally, it arrived (:
we searched online for cupcake places.
but there wasn’t many to choose from

Food for Thought

I was attracted to the Nutella cupcakes they had to offer.
However, to my disappointment.
they ran out of it. =(
but we decided to have lunch there anyways.

it was pretty good.
they have like pasta, sandwiches and soups.

we are greeted by a very nice sign on the window

and a zebra as well (:

we placed our order at the counter

I had a garlic and roast tomato, olive oil tossed pasta with mushroom snail sausage

I loved how it tasted, just that it was a tad bit oily
but I think it’s still pretty good (:

it came with a side of salad

Jas had a tomato base pasta with slow roasted pulled pork

what was to die for was the Red Velvet cake! (:
really super duper good. hehe
it would be good if they had their Nutella cupcake!
well. we will go back again. haha

What I do love about this shop
is that their profits go into social causes that they believe in
like education, environment and all that.
very very meaningful (:
so I wouldn’t mind going back there anytime!

We then headed to Central @ Clarke Quay
and found the cupcake shop called

Paisley & Cream

We were very excited to find this cupcake shop
cause there aren’t many in Singapore
(but there should be!)
but because we were very full
we had only space to try for 2 cupcakes!

so we tried…

the chocolate strawberry cupcake

and the tiramisu

dear with the cupcakes (:

well. I would recommend the chocolate cupcake ones.
WOuld give the tiramisu a miss cause there isn’t any coffee taste.
but it’s worth the trip there cause it’s the only cupcake shop! hehe
they have mini ones too.
which were very cute. hehe

and being the funny us.
we went into an ID photo machine
and decided to take a bestie shot (:

loveya dear (:
really enjoyed today. hehe
been too long!

Venue: Food for Thought
420 North Bridge Road #01-06

Paisley & Cream
6 Eu Tong Sen Street #01-09/10
Central @ Clarke Quay

Order Up!

10 Jun
I was really excited cause this was my very first order.
I had to wake up early just to make sure everything went smoothly.
Really happy with  how everything turned out especially the Red Velvet cuppies. hehe

Thank you Aili for your support! (:
I really do hope you liked those you ordered. hehe
I will think of nut ones soon!

The birthday series she ordered for her friend (:
my first time using sugar paste. haha
quite challenging. but fun! hehe

Although I dunno who ZY is.
But if you do read this.
Happy Birthday! (:

haha this is kor’s creation of Red Velvet.

This was my creation
and how it was given to Aili (:

The custom sugar paste she wanted me to put on top of the cupcakes

Just looking at how the icing could stay for the Red Velvet
I couldn’t stop smiling (:
Cause the previous I tried didn’t turn out too well. hehe
So I’m really happy it did!