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HappY Mini Cupcakes

26 Apr

You might wonder why my H and Y of’ ‘happy’ in my title are in caps. That’s because the person who has inspired me to make these cupcakes have initials HY. (: So this is just a small way to thank you! hehe

so we were speaking one day, and she asked if I ever made cupcakes with rhubarb. and suddenly, it dawned on me that I’ve never tried cooking with rhubarb and I’ve only tried rhubarb once! So on Sunday when we went to the Farmer’s Market at Melbourne Showground and saw organic rhubarb, I couldn’t resist! and I’m so glad I didn’t, cause these little things were yummy! hehe and pretty!

at first we thought about one combination which I will definitely try in time to come, but searched around and saw a post by Cannelle et Vanille which I just couldn’t take my eyes off it and so I just had to give it a try!  (:

It has quite a number of components to it, and I must say all the different steps and time taken to make them is well worth it! The cupcakes came out perfectly! I know I shouldn’t praise my own work, but when I tried these little yumminess, the cupcake base was soft and moist, the poached rhubarb filling wasn’t too sweet, and the strawberry taste in both the cupcake and icing was prominent and they taste distinctly of strawberries!

alot to spare and share !

So there are 4 components to this small yummy cupcakes :

1) Strawberry yogurt cupcake

2) Poached rhubarb filling

3) Strawberry yogurt and cream cheese icing

4) Rhubarb jelly

and this is how it will look when u slice it into half!

Click on the picture above to get the recipe! (:


Food Post : Triple Kahlua Surprise !

24 Mar

a while back, I made tiramisu for a mini housewarming that we had at our place. Of course, I bought I big bottle of Kahlua just in case for times like these! I am a bit fan of Kahlua and have always been wanting to try how it would be in cupcakes. Boy did I give it a good shot. I didn’t only have it in my cupcake, I had it in my filling and in my frosting! haha. Now it’s no wonder I named this the triple kahlua surprise yes?

I sourced around for recipes that people have tried and tweaked it a little, came up with my own ganache filling and buttercream frosting so I’m a happy girl (: I think it turned out really well and for once my frosting looks like those you can find in cupcake shops! Well definitely not perfect, but I’m just super happy that it kinda looks similar! haha

so the texture of the cupcakes were soft and when it is in your mouth it has the texture of a chewie brownie! So it is a little dense and quite similar to the texture of a souffle, a dense souffle. Possible due to folding in the stiff egg whites into the mixture at the end. The ganache really compliments the cupcake and the buttercream frosting makes it less rich so I think it’s a perfect match! (: Top it off with shaved chocolate and you have a yummy little dessert on a plate.

When you see the recipe, you might think it’s way too much Kahlua, but you barely taste any in the cupcake itself. The only thing that has the taste of it is the icing (which you can alter the amount you want) so really the amount I used in this recipe is just nice! So if you’re a big fan of Kahlua, try giving this little cupcake a shot! I’m very sure you won’t regret it!

Triple Kahlua Surprise

For the recipe CLICK HERE!

A Cupcake That Brings Back Memories

2 Mar

What is your favourite snack when you were little?

I had many : sweets, chocolates, cookies, ice cream, jellies, chocolate, sweets, cookies. haha

but one of my favourites and also one that I still love now (but keeping it in control) is the oreo cookie! (:

so how do you eat your oreo?

Do you…

1) Twist it gently, lick off the cream and enjoy the chocolate cookie after

2) Dip into cold milk and allow it to soften 9doesnt take long!) and put it in your mouth, allowing it to dissolve slowly.

3) Just throw it in whole!

Well. I’m a number two! haha my favourite is dipping it in cold milk. Absolutely divine. hehe

the only way I will have my oreo whole. haha (: love it!

but I decided to do something else with the oreo cookie today

Decided to use it to make cupcakes!

I searched and searched and chance upon this blog that had the most yummy looking cupcake so I decided to use her recipe. Thanks Lucy!

just so happen I broke it and left the whole word there! (: love it!

I had alot of fun crushing the oreos. it was kinda therapeutic! hehe and I used more than what the recipe asked for. Just cause. (:

so here’s the recipe!

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just because.

26 Apr

just cause i miss you both very much
and this reminds us of the fun times we had (:
so the hippo, giraffe and the piglet has one of this by the end of the year!




13 Mar
I got to meet my nut today! (:
she is in Melbourne for a few days.
and I’m so glad I met her!
been ages! hehe
so I brought her around the few places I love in Melbourne
since we only had a few hours hehe
but better than nothing!

since it was lunch
well, their first lunch
and our second lunch haha.
and they wanted either western or italian.
we decided to bring them to Grill’d at QV! hehe
one of our favourite burger places.
and I’m so glad that they enjoyed it as much as we always do!

burgers and cuppies

Periodic table of CUPCAKES!

8 Mar

omg! this is the cutest thing ever I’ve seen.
bring a chem major last time.
The periodic table is something really important to me.
but this is a far different thing!

it’s a table of cupcake recipes! hehe
if you go to the Women’s Day link
and click on the little squares.
you can get a recipe! (:

it’s so cute!
i love it! (:

the next recipe im going to try :
Red Velvet!

how bout you?


i want therefore i did.

7 Mar
i baked! (:
using my small handheld mixer. haha.
but i baked cupcakes.
and successfully!

it’s been ages since i used a handheld mixer.
i do miss my Kenwood. alot.
but never mind that.

I baked something new and it was yummy!
well. i liked it.
cos it had all my favourite things in one cupcake!

chocolate cupcake with creme banana filling and…
peanut butter icing! woohoo!

i made it with my baby’s words in my mind.
he wanted something in the cupcake that would explode when he bites into it.
hehe. so i thought.
what better combination then.
chocolate, banana and peanut butter?

my first time making one with a filling! hehe
im really happy with how it turned out. hehe

all i wish was that my icing was a bit nicer. hehe
i will work on that.
but overall. i am super glad i baked! (:
we shall see what i will come up next


itchy fingers.

5 Mar

im thinking of baking this weekend
before uni starts.
hehe just have the urge to bake.
so i may just get down to it.
stay tuned to see what i came up with! (:


breakfast and cupcakes

3 Mar
well. my net has been down.
and now it’s up and running again! woohoo!
im not joking.
my face. is really beaming. haha.
but anyways.

things have been pretty good down-under!
we have been meeting up with all our friends quite a bit.
cheok, jacky, sam. (:
pretty good if u ask me! hehe

was taking to Kor on of the day when Cheok and Jacky were over at our place.
and decided to take a photo of them to send him. haha
and this is what they came up with!

my brother called them the rubber faced gang! hahaha (:

well. all of them always makes me laugh. haha
so i love hanging out with all of them.

well. baby and I have been going around to look for our favourite places.
new year. new places.
well not all is new. some are old places. but still our favourites. hehe
coming up with a new list of places to go!

our first. new-old favourite place..

food. laughter. fun. loves.

Just want to say Thank You

4 Nov
Knowing that my time working at St Gerard’s is coming to an end.
for now at least
till i come back from my studies.
I decided to bake for my principal and the teachers.
just to thank them for making my work there so enjoyable (:

so i made for them my carrot cupcake with orange and cream cheese icing
and I am so glad they all loved it! (:

i baked a total of 25 cupcakes! (: hehe
and they are almost all gone in a day.