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Butter Crumb Coffee Cupcake

10 Mar

so how do you like your coffee? Strong or light? Decaf? Well this cake would please all! (: Unless you are the kind that only drinks espresso. haha Then well, you can add more coffee to this recipe and you will also be happy!

Thanks to Eat and Be Happy, I got to come across this recipe and being a big fan of both coffee and streusel. I tweaked the recipe a little but the texture of the cake with the combination of the crumble – it’s SOO GOOD! (:

Have this with a cup of tea or coffee, make a perfect tea snack. (:

so here’s the recipe.

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Triple Banana Double Caramel Mini Cupcakes

14 Sep

I chanced upon this recipe when I was blog surfing
Thanks to Baking Obsession for sharing this recipe! (:
it’s awesome.
I think it’s the first time my cupcake turned out quite pretty! haha
However, my size of a mini cupcake was way smaller than the one that is on her recipe.
and i forgot to adjust the time to leave it in the oven.
should have taken it out after 10mins. haha
but it’s not that bad.
still pretty yum!
and baby says it’s not too sweet surprisingly! hehe
so im glad.
and if Cheok who isn’t a big fan of sweet stuff popped like 3 or 4 before dinner
(maybe he’s just hungry! haha)
it must be quite good. i hope! heh

so here’s the recipe and step by step photos!

heaps of photos and recipe !

31 Jul
suddenly. cupcakes are really popular!
so i guess my hopes and dreams of opening one
may not be such a good idea now. haha
but yes.
there is a new one in town!
and not only did they open one.
they opened two!
one at Melbourne central and the other on Collins Street.
was a bit held back at trying.
cos i’m a loyal supporter of Little Cupcakes haha.
but yes. I decided to give it ashot anyways!

(the Melbourne Central shop)

what really catches your eye when u walk pass the shop.
are the pretty cupcakes they display on their glass window. (:
in both shops.
it’s the same! and it’s super duper pretty!
you just can’t take your eyes of them!

(The Collins Street shop)

I went in the shop and felt really comfortable
sofa seats and bar top seats.
so you can always enjoy a cuppa with the cupcake.
but cause I just had a really full lunch with Baby.
I decided to just have the cupcake

and of course.
i picked my favourite flavour!

red velvet! (:

as pretty as it looks.
i have to say that the cupcakes are not that good.
the icing is a bit too powdery.
not as smooth as the ones at little cupcakes.
and the cupcake itself is a little dry.
and to be very honest.
I prefer having the small ones.
so i don’t feel too guilty. haha.
but yeah. it’s my bias opinion. (:
so go try it yourself! and let me know what you think!

the next one i want to try is the one at Prahan Market! (:


good company.good food.

12 Jul
Marmalade Pantry
Unit B1-08 to 11
Palais Renaissance
390 Orchard Road


it was a get together with the three girls for lunch! (:
was so glad everyone could make it.
cause my time back is so short.
and i had something on for almost every meal.
PLUS i wanted to spend more time with my parents.
cos that’s really what I came back for.
and I did! so I’m glad. hehe
okie that’s besides the point! so yes. back to the days event
June jiejie and I decided to treat Gladys to a advance birthday lunch
cause I won’t be in Singapore on her actual. hehe

so we decided to head to Marmalade Pantry for lunch
since I’ve never had it before. and have been wanting to try it for the longest time!
and I’m so glad we went there.
cause the food was amazing!
and the service was impeccable (:
x o x o x o x o

been too long a while my friend

9 May

it has been 7 years.
yes it has been that long since I’ve met up with Ayeeba
and she came to Melbourne
which was awesome! cos we had a chance to meet up and have breakie together (:

and because she asked if there was a nice place to go for pasties.
I thought I’d bring her to Laurent.
My favourite place to go for croissants.
Almond croissant to be exact.

♥ Baking Friday

24 Apr
it’s the self-declared baking day for me
and I am super excited! (; hehe
and because it’s baking day.
i baked something for dinner as well.
and I must say. both turned out pretty good for the first time!
cos i’ve been wanting to try these recipes for a long long time
and tonight. I got to make them!

Mac and Cheese

More peektures and recipes !

baking : strawberry cupcakes

16 Apr
all these readings are making me want to bake.
to take the stress away.
i think i might just do that tmr when I’m taking a break.
we shall see how my time management goes. (:

just an insight of what i will be making soon (:
stay tuned!

*for some reason everything is pink. but me likey.*

surprise surprise!

23 Dec
came home and saw a package on my table
and saw that the sender was my dearest meimei – Yiang! hehe
all the way from the UK! WOOHOO! (:
i opened it and I was sooooo happy!!!!!!!

one more book to my collection! hehe
im so happy.

Thanks so much my dearest mei !
I love it so much! hehe
so happy.

Merry Xmas to you!
missing ya heaps my scrapaholic mate!



23 Sep
Was blog hopping about cupcakes
and I saw this interesting fact!

Oct 18 – Chocolate Cupcake Day
Nov 10 – Vanilla Cupcake Day
Dec 15 – Cupcake Day
Dec 15 – Lemon Cupcake Day

haha. looks like I’ve got some baking to do!