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12 Apr

baby has been doing crossfit workouts for the longest time.

I have been fighting with myself to exercise regularly. Yes, I have to say, I love food too much. I refuse to stop eating what I love and what makes me happy. Especially sweet stuff. I refuse to stop cooking or baking just so I can be skinny. I REFUSE. haha. So yes, the only way I could continue eating and still fit in my clothes, is probably exercise.

so yesterday, I did the one thing I thought would be impossible : crossfit workout. haha truthfully, by the end of it, I thought I was going to collapse hahah but I could still do boxing for another 15 mins! hehe so I am really proud of myself.

woke up today with a whole body ache! haha it’s like a long lost friend, which found me again. (: It’s painful but it feels good.

and just so I have a record of what I did :

3 rounds of 5 mins with 1 min rest; max rounds in worktime

3 wall push-ups

6 sit-ups

9 bodyweight squats

and I did 20 rounds of this in the 15 mins! hehe SO PROUD! hehe

so am i converted? as in am i now a avid crosfitter? haha Don’t know that yet! and I think it’s a little too early to tell. but we shall see! Always good to take that first step!

It does feel good to achieve something I’ve never done before. (:

(thank you for being patient with me! i love you!)