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Hershey’s Kisses (Nutella) Blossoms

28 Jun

I have been wanting to bake these for the longest time. My dearest cousin, Gladys, blogged about these a while back and I promised her we would bake this together. I am SO GLAD we did! (: I had so much fun making it with her, and I tried my best to let her get involved, seeing how I am always very bossy in the kitchen haha. So I hope she enjoyed herself as much as I did!

So off we went to the supermarket to get Hershey’s Kisses! (: It’s like my favourite type of choc ever! I love the almonds ones, but something else attracted our eyes : CARAMEL ! Who could resist caramel ? I definitely can’t. hehe

to be honest, I have always been hesistant about making cookies. Of course I have failed in making cupcakes or cakes before, but somehow, the failure in making cookies hit me more than the others did! So I left the cookie baking to my baby. hehe. But this time, I decided to suck it up and give it another shot! I love how it looks! It’s sooo pretty! (: Makes me smile just looking at the photos!

For the recipe, CLICK HERE !

pss : thanks cousin for sharing the recipe and baking with me! love ya!



17 Jun
163 Tanglin Road
#01-35 Tanglin Mall
Singapore 247933

Tel : 67339088

How cute is the name of this cafe? It’s hidden is a corner of Tanglin Mall and when you walk pass the place, you will not be able to resist stepping into the place! The warmness of the light, and their decor will draw you in almost immediately! No, I’m not exaggerating! Go see it for yourself!

Even their outdoor setting looks so cozy! (: Definitely a place I would have repeated appearance!

The prices are also very reasonable!

We ordered a starter : Mezze Platter. It includes freshly baked pita bread, zaatar hummus, baba ganoush, marinated feta, oives and labneh. The presentation was just so pretty! I was in awe when it arrived on the table!

You could have a set meal for $15 and it includes a soup or salad and a main meal (3 choices to choose from)!

June jiejie decided to have the set meal and for that day, it was tomato soup with a slice of garlic bread. So pretty the colours! (:

and her main was the pan fried red snapper with steamed pak choy and asparagus with a cepes emulsion. SO GOOD. the fish was so fresh. and the gravy just compliments the whole dish!

and I ordered the seared five spiced duck breast with duck confit hash cake, date and lemon chutney and a tempura spinach. Let me tell you. THIS.IS.YUMMY! (: Really. The duck breast was cooked perfectly. and the duck confit in the hash cake – genius! This is definitely a MUST TRY dish! You just gotta take my word for it!

Thanks for bringing me to this awesome place! (: And also for the treat!

Ps : I am so going back there at least once more before I head back to Melbourne!

f is for family, l is for love.

13 Feb

Hairloom & Caramel

100 Beach Road
#01-50/52 Shaw Towers
Singapore 189702

I always look forward to meeting with my cousins.
we just got so much closer after our new zealand trip together. (:
and that makes me happy! hehe

when im back for my holidays.
we would always meet at least once to have a good meal
and catch up on what I have missed
and I would update them on what has been happening. hehe

so this time. we went to try a new place!

Hairloom & Caramel (:
this place was introduced to me by Jacqueline ( )
thank you for your good recommendation! hehe
more pictures undercut

good company.good food.

12 Jul
Marmalade Pantry
Unit B1-08 to 11
Palais Renaissance
390 Orchard Road


it was a get together with the three girls for lunch! (:
was so glad everyone could make it.
cause my time back is so short.
and i had something on for almost every meal.
PLUS i wanted to spend more time with my parents.
cos that’s really what I came back for.
and I did! so I’m glad. hehe
okie that’s besides the point! so yes. back to the days event
June jiejie and I decided to treat Gladys to a advance birthday lunch
cause I won’t be in Singapore on her actual. hehe

so we decided to head to Marmalade Pantry for lunch
since I’ve never had it before. and have been wanting to try it for the longest time!
and I’m so glad we went there.
cause the food was amazing!
and the service was impeccable (:
x o x o x o x o

one year wiser !

27 Apr

One year wiser my dearest cousin (:
All the best in the coming year
and I do hope that you will have a blast today!
(eve if u have uni. rah!)
but yes. hehe
enjoy yourself! hehe

take care aye?

Roadtrip to Mornington Peninsula

14 Apr

since Andy was here
and he didnt have a chance to go anywhere else but the city.
I just wanted to bring him out of the city
and allow him to have a feel of doing different things!
so that called for a ROADTRIP! hehe
was really excited and all.
though I’ve been to Mornington many times
but different company
just meant a new experience. hehe
so I didn’t mind at all
plus we added a few new places
so it wasn’t exactly doing the same things! hehe (:

first stop : Craft’s Market at Mornington Race Course
which I loveeee. but didn’t take photos
or buy anything
except for a block of blue cheese. haha
so go with our wine at home.
but I love markets.
just walking around and all.
so this was one stop i was really looking forward to! hehe

then we went to Sorrento. A place recommended by Aunty Lan.
it’s a small town. and I do love small towns. hehe
this one was the one with the famous Vanilla Slice
which I was quite sad I didn’t get to eat.
cause I was way too full after lunch =(
heaps of peektures!

Family (Cousins) Day!

29 Dec
I always love that we get to go out and have fun
not thinking about anything that has happened
just having a great day together with family
it’s awesome!

just a fun-laughter filled day!
we went to East Coast
and it’s been ages since I’ve been there. haha
I kinda like it.
like once in a while (:

as we were really early (too excited haha)
so we headed for a light lunch first.

a fun-filled awesome day!

Spa Thermatique at Holland Village

11 Oct
Had another good Saturday spent with my cousin June! (:
and yes. I do like having a massage and having a body scrub
and I do it once a month after working hard and having climb 134 steps up and down everyday
so I reward myself with a monthly spa session with my cousin!

check out our day!

Spa and Dinner with June

28 Sep
Whenever there are those specials for spa treatments in magazines
the first person I think of is my cousinJune.
and we never fail to try out all of them. haha
It’s just something we do together.
and something we enjoy alot! (:

The latest spa treatment we went for was Wellness Spa at Marina Square!
It’s an offer for Swedish massage and a scrub
Well. I must say I wasn’t too impressed by this one.
cause the massage was suppose to be a relaxing one.
But it was the most painful massage I’ve had so far. haha.
Not liking pain (pressure yes. just not pain)
Although the after effect was pretty alright.
Even my scrub felt like she was trying to get my skin peeled. haha

Spa Espirit @ Dempsey

26 Aug

Went for a spa with June during the weekend
cause I won the spa vouchers during the bake sale as well! (:
and I must say
They won the best spa award in 2007 for a GOOD reason!
Good service, good massage, good everything! (:
the rooms were nice and comfortable. like. OMG haha.
I loved it. I wanna stay there. haha or at least bring the the whole place back to my house!
I did hot stone massage for the first time
and it was SO GOOD! hehe

after that. June treated me to tea at Barracks.
the plus is – It’s just downstairs! haha
and we had all the chocolatey goodness. hehe it’s not funny!

their warm chocolate toffee cake!
nice. but would be even better if it’s really warm! hehe
kinda cold by the time we got it. but still good!

moist and soft chocolatey centre! (:
how could anything beat that?!?!

spanish donuts! (:
i miss having these in Melbourne.
so decided to order them! hehe

dip with some milk chocolate
and all you can say is… AWESOME! (:
and of course. YUMMERS!

with all the chocolate we had
we have to order some hot tea to go with it.
I had white rose tea which was nice and citrus-y (:

June was nice enough to try the tea coupon I had which gave us a Muah Muah tea!

lucky thing she likes it! (: hehe
i hope so. hehe

well. it was a great weekend
with great company!
But somehow, whenever we go for a spa. I will be sick!
down with a flu. Always! haha
it’s so weird.
but thank you for a nice Sunday!