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Braised Pork Belly with Yam

10 Aug

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know how home sick I always get. One way to make myself feel better is to cook. Not just cook anything, cook something that reminds me of home. So that’s what I did, I made something my mum makes best – Braised pork belly with yam. (: You usually eat this with a bun and some salad leaves. But it also goes super well with rice!

The recipe I found is a little time consuming, but all the work and effort put into the dish is definitely worth it. By the time it’s done steaming, the yam would be broken down and it would have absorbed all the flavours. The pork too will be melt in your mouth! Of course the happiest person when I said I was going to cook this was my baby. hehe He and pork belly are very good friends. hehe

Click here for the recipe! (:


Beef Stroganoff : Masterchef Recipe

9 Aug

Have you been catch Masterchef when it was on tv? I have! I caught as many episodes I could when I’m home and if I missed one, I would load it on the Masterchef website and watch it at my own free time! (: One dish that caught my eye and tummy was the beef stroganoff! the orangy creamy texture of the dish, topped on pasta, I think it’s a match-made in heaven.

so I got down to business. I didn’t have creme friache or the usual substitute of sour cream, so I “cleaverly” used thickened cream which wasn’t too good an idea, cause it became very starchy. But other than that, the flavours were really yummy and my baby really enjoyed it! (:

Click here for the recipe! (:

Comfort Food : A Recipe Post

16 Jul

Winter. Cold winds, rain, super low temperatures. To conquer all these, to me, only means one thing : comfort food.

what’s better ya? the ultimate comfort food for me is mash. The creaminess and butter-i-ness texture of the mash just makes everything seem better. (: So everything with mash, would just be a kind of comfort to me. Last night, I decided to make Shepard’s pie!

Shepard’s pie has always been a family favourite. So of course, I immediately went to source for a recipe so that I could cook it for everyone to enjoy! (: I was pretty worried the first time I made it, and I remember my brother having to always taste my mash to see if it’s buttery enough or salty enough. And my mum would stand next to me to make sure the mince is in small pieces and not in chunks, and if my meat sauce is thick enough.

alright, did I say I miss my family and I’m home-sick? I didn’t? Well, I am. That’s why I needed comfort food, pronto.

So here’s my recipe.

hopefully, it will be as comforting to you as it was for me! (:

Baby’s Best Crispy Roast Pork

31 May

if you guys have been reading my blog, you know my baby is an awesome cook. and one of his signature dishes that everyone loves is crispy skin pork. He recently saw how the chefs at Masterchef done it and decided to cook it for me and his family after he’s tried it on his own back in Melbourne! I’m so glad he did. It was super yummy!

a nice slab of pork with the skin sliced and salted and dried in the fridge uncovered (:

and baby fried the skin first before baking it. (:

the worse thing happened that night. the oven suddenly broke down, and the portable oven tripped the whole house after heating it for 10 mins. So we had to use the small toaster! hehe and guess what? My baby pulled it off! hehe

it was cooked perfectly. (:

we all preferred this way of cooking the pork instead of whacking it in the oven from the very start.

well done sweetie! (: it was really good! hehe

have it with home-made gravy : perfect .

Can’t wait to have more of my baby’s cooking when I get back! (:

i love you.

love from my boy

3 May
Baby cooked dinner tonight
and it was awesome! hehe
been really long since we had Paella.
and because I saw Gordan Ramsay cooking it on the F word.
(yes, yet again)
I wanted to have it! hehe
thank you for cooking it for me (:
i love you!

recipe undercut and a few more peektures!

Friday is Baking and Cooking Day !

1 May
I always look forward to Fridays.
one of the reasons is cause the weekend has begun
the next is that baby and I could go for a good breakie
the last is that I get to bake and cook! (:

and the cooking didn’t only start at night
(the usual dinner with Cheok over at our place (: )
butfrom the afternoon!

Baby and I have been watching The F Word for the past week
and it’s not anything bad.
it’s just a TV series
where Gordan Ramsay invites people to come cook with him
in this small little restaurant..
it’s awesome. really
and all his recipes are fast, easy and meant for people to try at home
was just really excited to try out some of his recipes in a day!

first up : Lunch

Pan Fried Blue Trevally with Mustard Potato Salad

we were spoilt but we were happy !

♥ Baking Friday

24 Apr
it’s the self-declared baking day for me
and I am super excited! (; hehe
and because it’s baking day.
i baked something for dinner as well.
and I must say. both turned out pretty good for the first time!
cos i’ve been wanting to try these recipes for a long long time
and tonight. I got to make them!

Mac and Cheese

More peektures and recipes !

a want, maybe a need

17 Apr

i really want at least one of these.
so many things i can make with this.
and the best of all.
i can put it in the oven.

anyone wanna buy one for me? (:

Class for Cooks!

6 Jun

our starter for the night
cherry tomatoes with homemade basil oil
I had a blast! hehe (:
it was organised by


and trust me. no matter how good a cook you are.
attending these classes would surely teach you something!

so the menu of the night was:

1) Tataki of Chateaubriand with Miso Foie Gras Sauce
2) Wagyu Foie Gras Shepherd’s Pie Topped with Truffle Mash
3) Kahlua Tiramisu

it was my first time trying raw beef to be honest.
I didn’t really know if I’ll like the taste
BUT! it was so good! haha.
i really really liked it.
especially the miso foie gra sauce.
really complemented the tataki.

the beautiful tenderloin that was seared on the outside.
just to keep it’s shape when being cut.

the whole tenderloin was sliced thinly and placed on a nice glass plate
presentation is everything! (:

the miso foie gras sauce.
really superb.

looking all colourful and pretty.

merv putting the finishing touches.
lemon juice! hehe

Vanessa’s turn to teach us the next two meals!

she allowed us to taste theingredients in it’s original state.
so that we knew how they tasted before incorporating into the dish.

whisking the egg whites till they were fluffy and stiff!

11 egg yolks!
whipped till it’s pale and creamy

then start the layering! (:

till the top!

and this goes into the fridge to be nice and cold
before being served (:

this is just. heavenly to smell and of cos taste!
and it was mixed with the mash for our shepherd’s pie!

all smooth and ready to go!
kitchen aid is magical i tell u. haha

frying the foie gras!


into the oven it goes!
yum yum (:

with the tataki we ate it with salad
the dressing was balsamic cream which was soo good.

and there was extra foie gras to go around!

lucky us! hehe

had so much fun!
and was great meeting other foodies. hehe

the big group of us

the students

me and jaslyn (:

so thank you once again


it was a very well organised class! hehe
looking forward to the next! hehe

and of cos. thank you greengrocer for the yummy food!