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Happy 2009 !

1 Jan
New Year’s Eve always had two celebrations!
The first would be Lester’s Mum’s birthday
and the other would be the counting down plus dinner with family (:

This year
we went to Sushi Tei for Auntie’s birthday celebration
and we had so much food!
and we surprised her with a cake! hehe
she was so surprised and happy, I hope!



Double Celebration , Double Happiness !

17 Nov

Really glad that I am able to spend this special day of ours together
of course the day got better ever since the sun starting shining!

We went for lunch after seeing a few house today
Baby brought me to this new place at Southbank!

we had soooo much food! haha.
cause it was a day for celebrations! (:
happy happy day!

Pumpkins, spiders and witches – St Gerard’s School

1 Nov
It was my first time celebrating Halloween
and it was my first time planning to celebrate Halloween. heh
and I had so much fun from the beginning!
From buying the things, to decorating it, to carrying out the games and activities!

so when you enter my school
you’ll be greeted with..

mr. Happy man. hehe

Deepavali : Festival of Lights

25 Oct
It was my first time celebrating it as a teacher
and i really had alot of fun!
and of course, ate a bit too much. haha
but there was too much YUMMY food.
there’s no way I could resist
since i really love having indian food. (:
See how much fun we had!

Fun, Smiles, Happniess!

1 Oct
Could you guess the occasion?
and who are the people celebrating it?

Let me give you a hint!

guess what that spells???

See what we celebrated!

Happy Mid Autumn!

14 Sep

Had a celebration at school for this special occasion
and we had mooncake making in the morning
and a few games and a shadow puppet show in the evening!
Was quite an enjoyable day though a bit tiring.
but when all is done, it felt pretty good!

See how much fun we had!

National Day Celebrations

9 Aug

it was a fun filled day! (:
Games and food all day! hehe
and I’ve never seen all the children that happy before
since I started working.
So it gave me a very warm feeling.

Thanks to the other teachers who organised such a wonderful day!

Well, to celebrate National Day
we have been on the theme of Our Nation this whole week.
so we’ve been doing art work to celebrate this occasion

of course we did the Singapore Flag (:

and I made all my morning children take a photo with it! haha

they are amazing kids. (:

orchids that they did

the merlion! (:
pretty eh? we used aluminium foil. hehe

and I took a few photos of the children playing games as well.
they really really had alot of fun!

throwing the rings through the bottle
they were pretty good at it i must say! (:

another game that they played
the teacher giving instructions!

High five! (:

the other Expressive class (:

we had a HUGE Singapore flag cake!
and it was pretty goood! hehe

and yes they were all aiming for it!

We also had a school competition
to do a collage of a merlion head!

we did pretty good eh? hehe
but EVERYONE is a winner! (:

Been a long time since I celebrated National Day
and it was really fun to be celebrating with them! (:

Happy Birthday Singapore!

Been 4 years 8 Months (:

18 Jul
It’s been fabulous having Baby back for his winter break
but it’s even better that he is back and with me on this special day (:

We had a two part celebration! hehe
and while it may seem like nothing to some.
every year, month and day means alot to us.
Happy Anniversary to my sweetest boy
Really glad you’re back! *smiles*

So yes. the celebration started the day before. haha
we caught Hellboy 2 at Marina Square
and it was so funny!
a good film to catch! hehe
but before the show
we had time
and we wanted chocolate! hehe
so off we went to Gloria Jeans and ordered hot tea and…

how rich does this look right? haha (:

We had dinner at Yotei after the show

I must say the food is alright (:
Nothing that fantastic.
But still not a bad place to try. hehe

the food we had :

my fav of the night (:

salmon belly sushi. yummers

tuna tataki. not as good as i thought it would be to be honest.

Garlic fried rice which was really good!

The celebrations continue!
Round 2 :  Baby cooks for me and his family

and guess what’s on the menu?

Wagyu of course! hehe

how good does the marbling look? haha

and when it’s resting. doesn’t it look awesome?
I bet you want to have one now! haha
it’s juicy and everything you can ever imagine!
cooked to perfection with all his love (:

with baked mini potatoes!

with baked portabello mushrooms!
full of flavour!

salad with shitake mushrooms and grilled capsicums.

well. all i can say is.
I’m the luckiest girl in the world
for having a chef in my life (:

I love you (:

Happy Birthday Gladys!

17 Jul
June Jiejie wanted to celebrate this special day
with just us three girls (:
I thought that’s very sweet of her.

We decided to head down to Hotpot Culture at Marina Square
And I must say
the amount we paid ($19.80++) was really worth every penny!
The buffet included :

1) Porridge buffet
2) Steamboat buffet
3) Chocolate fondue

Everything was unlimited! haha
so. Just imagine how much we ate and multiply by 538746781462987416 (:
and the spread was really good!

the things that were taken from the porridge buffet spread!
there’s more. this is like. not even half!

we each had an individual steamboat!
so we could eat anything we wanted. hehe

We chose the soup base we wanted and ordered from 40 over different types of food!
Gladys and I had chicken soup (the clear one above)
and June jiejie had the tomyum soup base. hehe

one of my favourites : pork shabu shabu

and having chocolate fondue is a bonus for us
but not so good for our tummies. haha

the good thing is. The chocolate is refillable (as many times as u want)
and so is the ice-cream!
We didn’t ask about the fruits and banana bread
But I won’t be surprise if it is refillable as well!
I would be very amazed if you ordered a second helping for that
cause we couldn’t even finish what was given!

Well just three girls having a blast
chatting and celebrating (:
Always nice to spend time together. hehe

Happy Birthday my dearest cousin!
Forever 18 yea? hehe

Venue :
Hotpot Culture
6 Raffles Boulevard #02-138D
Marina Square Singapore 039594
Tel : 6333 9844