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Royal Melbourne Show

29 Sep

I look forward to carnivals every year.
This year. Baby and I attended much more festivals than we ever did compared to the other years.
and I’m really glad we did.
Cause then we get to share even more experiences together (:

Since school work is going to get all crazy these few weeks.
and I desperately needed a break.
We decided to go for the Royal Melbourne Show last weekend.
(dun judge me! hahaha)

So we planned and met Peggy, Paul and Cheok for brunch at European before heading to the show.

the weather was CRAZY that day.
the sun was out. but it started raining in 5-10mins intervals. haha
poor Peggy and Paul sat where the umbrella’s don’t cover.
and it started HAILING! haha
Paul was so sweet to carry the umbrella for Peggy while waiting for the food.
Fortunately. it stopped raining when our food came!

baby and me (:
at our favourite breakie place!

and off to the fair we go!

heaps of photos!