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home-cooked goodnessss !

14 Apr
instead of having breakie out like before.
we decided to stay in and have me cook breakie (:
and instead of having jus scrambled eggs.
that we have on most mornings.
i looked at what we had in the fridge
and try and stir up something nice. hehe

so this is what I came up with :

scrambled eggs, caramelized onions, mushrooms, avocado and turkey ham (:
home-cooked goodness!


breakfast at Spiga

6 Apr

Spiga Bar
2 Menzies Alley
(enter via 360 Elizabeth Street)
Melbourne Central

Tel : (03)86767515

On Sundays we always have a ritual.
We leave the house for church
but always 15 mins early
and we end up at the Hudsons opposite St Francis Xavier
and sip a cup of hot chocolate to warm our bodies up
before going for mass.

after church.
we would have a good hearty breakfast.
and last Sunday was no different.
Well. the usual hot chocolate didn’t happen
but we did have a good hearty breaky this week!

this week. since baby was heading to the gym after
we headed to the small alley in Melbourne Central and went to the place we havent tried yet.

they had endless tins of T2 loose tea leaves. hehe
poached eggs.chai.smoked salmon.

breakfast : the most important meal of the day

3 Apr
Baby and I noticed that we are breakfast people.
and during the weekend
the thing we are really willing to spend on is BREAKFAST! hehe
a good one. if possible.
we try and go around and look for breakfast places.
be it in Melbourne or in Singapore.
we are in search for the best breakfast places! (:

well there are many things to consider when rating a breakfast place.

1) How long did we wait to get seated
2) How long did we wait to get our food
3) What was the quality of the food
4) The quantity
5) Our thoughts about it – If we enjoyed it or not

so the past weekend.
it has been breakfast weekend.
starting from Friday!
see what we had!

sunday morning – breakie morning

26 Mar
i had a huge craving for pancakes
and asked baby if he was ok to go to Pancake Parlour for breakfast
I don’t really care what others say about this place
cause I like how the pancakes taste
and it was really AWESOME.

with free flow of coffee.
just perfect. (:

baby had the country breakfast
with the yummy garlic mushrooms, bacon eggs and tomatoes

i jus had the bacon and eggs (:

and i left the place a very happy and full girl. (:
and did i say i was happy?
yes. i was. hehe

Good to be in your arms

11 Nov
Boy, I can’t say enough of how glad I am to be back
and be in my baby’s arms again! hehe
Never been happier really. (:

Being a breakfast person
We went out for breakfast the very next day! (:
and Red Box it was
as we’re crazy about their onion jam.
cause it’s sooo good! (:

I tell you.
I can never find breakfast in Singapore as good as the ones I can have in Mlebourne
and I mean it. hehe

this time. instead of onion jam
i decided to have eggs on a hot iron pan with bacon, tomatoes and sausages.
and it was SO GOOD!

yumm yumm yummmmmm (:

Baby had his usual eggs and of course onion jam!

wanted to get a jar, but they ran out of it. hehe
Have to go back on Thursday!

my Baby (:

Good to be back Down Under (:
I love you!


Breakfast with Kor

18 Oct
Saturday is usually a day for brunch with my dearest brother (:
and this week. we went to Coffee Bean! hehe

and I’ve always enjoyed their breakfast.
Baby and I use to have it on some Sundays. hehe

and we decided to order two of our favourite things and share!

Salmon scramble. YUMM. alot of salmon! hehe
my favourite la! hehe

Eggs Benedict! hehe
another of my favourite.
I always have this in Melbourne.

hehe having half of each! (:

So good i tell you.
We reckon the eggs benedict at Coffee Bean is better than most of the places we’ve tried.
So anyone knows places with good eggs benedict?


Running Out of Good Breakie Places!

16 Sep
Through the weekend
Kor and I have been going around places which we think might have good breakies
But we were disappointed. Terribly! I might add. Grrr.

Pictures Undercut