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Perfect 10

4 Mar

I definitely want a wall like that! (:


All Smiles!

14 Oct
Praise the Lord for He is goood! (:
My lappie works again
and my burn is healing!
Today was indeed a better day.
Almost all the work for IEPs are done. I am truly glad that I could be of some help!

*singing nursery rhymes*

Sunday is 9 pin tap day! wheeee!
I’m excited!


Shing Shing Shing Got Strike!

29 Sep
I remember when I use to bowl for MG and the cheers you get from your peers.
It’s an awesome feeling. (:
I miss that. hehe
But now I’m happy with just the few who would shout when I spare or strike.
will clap and laugh with me.
Just to keep that smile on my face when I’m bowling.
So I won’t be stressed or feel tired
(Cause normally a tournament finals =  10 games)

My second tournament for the year
(the first was in January)
and the first trophy I got in the past 5 years
(Cause I’ve been away studying. haha)

I won president cup!

I feel gooood! nana nana nana na!
okie. haha high. (:
But I’m really happy. hehe It was a good fight. rather challenge.
and I realise my mental got stronger! hehe

Thank you Kor and Jane who came to support me all the way!
Thank you Melissa, Uncle and Auntie for coming down after church to support me as well
Thank you Dad and Mum for supporting me from wherever you’re at
and in everything I do!
Thank you Baby for supporting me all the way from Melbourne!

I’m a happy girl! (:

Next tournament (For the fun of it) : 9 pin tap!

Oh. On a slightly embarrassing note :
I sang nursery rhymes in my head through the 10 games to keep myself happy and relaxed. haha (:
Well. If it works right? hehe

I do miss competitive bowling. Oh dear.

Congrats to Bestie!

21 Jul
10th World Youth Bowling Championships

CONGRATS to my bestie! hehe who got third for the Singles event! hehe
well done! (:
SO proud of you! hehe
All the best for the other events k? hehe
JIAYOU! hehe

LOVE heaps!

Bowling Face-off

29 Jun

the three boys took up a challenge! hehe
well not really.
Aaron really wanted to bowl.
so I planned a bowling afternoon out at the club.
and he decided to bet with the two boys. haha

I must say he has improved HEAPS! hehe
so well done to you!
we will have round 2 this coming weekend. (:

korkor and his spinner ball

Aaron with his straight/back-up like shot. hehe

watch out people. My baby still got it! (:

lesson number 1.

well i did bowl. haha

I picked up the ball. and after 2 games.
my legs and fingers gave up.
so I became the photographer for the day. haha
im getting old. RAH.

our antique bowling balls. haha

So I’m looking forward to this weekend!
although the weekend just ended.
but never too early to look forward to the next!


16 Jun
Everytime I enter an alley.
I would feel pretty sad.
cause I do miss the sport.
and I miss bowling in tournaments and travelling with the team
Those were the good old days.

This trip, the boys went bowling while we girls were shopping.
After we were done
We went to the alley to look for them.

and guess what I saw?

A bowling shoes dispenser!
I was super amused! haha (:

and what I loved on the display at the entrance

I want this in my room. haha (:

I miss bowling. I feel funny even saying it.