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Happy Sweet 21st Lovely !

5 Sep

to my dearest Jas,

Thank you for always being there for me.
Whenever and wherever.
You were always there for me when I was happy or sad.
You were always there for me even when I’m hundred and thousand miles away.
No matter how busy our schedules are.
We would always find some time to update each other
and constantly seek advice from each other.
on anything and everything.

It’s been more than 8 years of friendship
and it’s just 8 fabulous years that I cherish with all my heart.
I miss the times we could just be in a corner writing our goals and planning our lives.
I miss the times we would study at the poolside and order macs when we’re hungry.
I miss the times we bake together with Yiang
I miss the times we have meet for Jap food pig outs.
I just miss hanging out with you as often as we use to when I’m back home.
in many ways we’ve grown
but in many ways we’ve been the same from the first day we introduced ourselves to each other
and how we are when we were in Melbourne and being each other’s doubles partner!

Well. without sounding anymore or too lovey dovey (and people saying we are les haha)
I just want to wish you a very happy big 21st birthday.
Sorry I’m not home to celebrate this special day with you.
But I do hope it will be a day you will never forget.
May good things keep coming to your life
and your dreams and wished would come true.
I will make up for missing this day at the end of the year (:

Have a lovely lovely day lovely.
You truly deserve this day after all the hard work you’ve put in with everything that is going on in your life!


Once again.



Happy 21st !

2 Aug

was Shivani’s 21st yesterday
and we were invited to her party at One Fitzroy Street Bar (:
and it was a pretty awesome party.
Cheok came along as well to join in the fun haha
though we were probably older than all of them
plus they were all Med students. haha
so we ended up having fun amongst ourselves and talking about everything and anything.
and her friends were the sweetest people.
speeches and slide shows
and singing. haha. and cause the party was themed Hat and Gloves.
some really embraced it.
One guy was Charlie Chaplin and one was Michael Jackson
and many more other characters.
just that these two really stood out. haha (:

was really glad Aunty Sue was there too!
so we kept her company for a while before she had to go entertain other guests. hehe
and let me just say.
she had the most awesome cake everrrr.

Hat and Gloves !

Brooklyn Blackout Cake

2 Aug

Since Peggy was going to be away for her birthday.
and she invited us over for dinner at their place.
I decided to bake a birthday cake for her.
and also a gesture to thank the both of them
cause they always invite us to join them for dinners or day adventures! hehe
so it was a must to bake her a cake.
was a bit worried. cause i decided to bake something I’ve never tried before.
seriously daring.
and maybe seriously OUT OF MY MIND. hahaha.
but yes. it turned out pretty well!
and hopefully she enjoyed it (:
photos and recipe undercut !

Happy Birthday Uncle John!

29 May


i’ve know you for a really long time
since I was 12. haha
you practically saw me grow up
it’s been 11 years! (: time really flies.
I do miss you training me.
and if it wasn’t for you.
I wouldn’t love bowling as much as I do now. hehe

Hope you had an awesome day! hehe

Happy Birthday Daddy!

23 May

without you. I’m cant’ be where I am today.
love you dad! (:


best wishes, with love !

2 May

happy birthday dearest Melissa
it’s as though I’ve seen u grown up. (:
from a little girl (okie not too little haha)
to a pretty lady! (my mummy said ure getting very pretty!)

so all the best in everything you do
and have all the fun
(for me and your brother)
in Taiwan! hehe eat more for us!
and we will see u at the end of the year (:

Have an awesome year aheadddd!

Happy Birthday!

Happy May(Birth)Day!

1 May

I can still remember the times when we were staying together in Melbourne
and on this day
I would make you travel all over the place
just to find a specific place
that we will all be there
to surprise you (:
those were really fun times!
but i think we’re too old for that now
and being so far away
i can’t do much
not as much as I use to do anyways.

but I do hope that your day will still be special
celebrating with people who love and care for you. (:
It’s your special day
take care and be happy!

Birthday Celebrations

29 Apr
Spaghetti Tree
59 Bourke Street
Vic 3000

Tel : (03) 9650 3174


it was Cheryl’s birthday
and since she was here on a holiday
it was nice of her to organize a get together with the other friends here in Melbourne
and we decided to meet at Spaghetti Tree! (:
I’ve always wanted to try it
cause Kenn use to tell me their pastas were pretty good.
and they were!

a pity i didnt take pictures of the food this time.
but i’m sure I will the next time I go back i will!
(yes, i’ve decided it’s pretty good and worth making another trip back!)

but what i did take was photos of the birthday girl (:

was really good catching up with everyone.
after almost 4 years i think
yea. that was the last time I met up with most of them (:

was awesome really (:
felt like we were kinda back to MGS again. haha
thanks for organising this!

and Happy Birthday again!


one year wiser !

27 Apr

One year wiser my dearest cousin (:
All the best in the coming year
and I do hope that you will have a blast today!
(eve if u have uni. rah!)
but yes. hehe
enjoy yourself! hehe

take care aye?

happy 23rd! ♥

9 Apr

Bistro Vue
430 Little Collins Street
(Entrance via New Chancery Laneway)
Victoria 3000

Tel : (03) 96913838

It was just the best 23rd birthday anyone could get. (:
Though I had uni and like meeting with my supervisor
which always ends up with me being super lost.
yesterday was just different.
I left the office feeling way better than before.
with a direction of where the project was going! hehe

the only down thing for the day was I miss my tram in the morning
just cause I couldnt cross the road in time. rah.
and I had to run after one when uni was over. hehe
not a tram-my day i suppose.

but I came home to a lovely surprise from my baby (:
flowers. on. our. bed! hehe
i was super shocked!

so pretty (: hehe
thank you thank you sweetie! hehe
you always know how to make me smile!
happy happy me !