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thank you !

26 Feb

received this as a christmas gift from bestie and Jason (:

love it! it’s something we’ve wanted in a long time!

gonna use it and  make it pretty!

thanks again for the present! it’s awesome!

Happy Sweet 21st Lovely !

5 Sep

to my dearest Jas,

Thank you for always being there for me.
Whenever and wherever.
You were always there for me when I was happy or sad.
You were always there for me even when I’m hundred and thousand miles away.
No matter how busy our schedules are.
We would always find some time to update each other
and constantly seek advice from each other.
on anything and everything.

It’s been more than 8 years of friendship
and it’s just 8 fabulous years that I cherish with all my heart.
I miss the times we could just be in a corner writing our goals and planning our lives.
I miss the times we would study at the poolside and order macs when we’re hungry.
I miss the times we bake together with Yiang
I miss the times we have meet for Jap food pig outs.
I just miss hanging out with you as often as we use to when I’m back home.
in many ways we’ve grown
but in many ways we’ve been the same from the first day we introduced ourselves to each other
and how we are when we were in Melbourne and being each other’s doubles partner!

Well. without sounding anymore or too lovey dovey (and people saying we are les haha)
I just want to wish you a very happy big 21st birthday.
Sorry I’m not home to celebrate this special day with you.
But I do hope it will be a day you will never forget.
May good things keep coming to your life
and your dreams and wished would come true.
I will make up for missing this day at the end of the year (:

Have a lovely lovely day lovely.
You truly deserve this day after all the hard work you’ve put in with everything that is going on in your life!


Once again.



proud and smiling

6 May

may not be the best photo of you.
but just want to congratulate you
and tell you how proud I am of you
and I am just so honoured to have a friend in my life.

Sportswoman of the year 2009.

loveya heaps dearie! (:

She’s my bestie!

15 Nov
Congratulations to my BESTIE! hehe
Number ONE seeded! WOOOHOOOO! (:

I’m soooo proud of you my dear! hehe
I will see you when i come back!
we have MORE THAN ONE celebration.
cause this is HUGE! hehe

Dinner with my dearest Jas

1 Nov
Been too long since we met and had a good time together
no matter what we’re doing.
be it mani-pedi, eating, talking.
ANYTHING. really! (:

this time. we met for just some catching up and a good jap meal!

Tamaya Dining at Cappage Centre

We were quite reluctant to eat there after looking at the price of the food
but decided to stay there anyways
and since they served us the cold dish
we were obliged to order food haha

the specials menu! hehe

the cold dish that they served us (:
pretty good. abit on the sour side
so it made us a bit hungrier after. hehe

hot plate chilli squid
I would say we should have ordered the chicken instead. haha
this wasn’t that fantastic

SUPER good agedashi tofu
this really was very very good. hehe
one of the favourites for the nite!

and for the MAIN DISH!

this was quite reasonable. $25 and we almost couldn’t finish the whole thing
and we shared! haha.
but this was really really good.
I totally recommend it!

was really good meeting you dear! (:
All the best in Mexico! hehe
I will be supporting you from down under!

It’s your birthday!

5 Sep
Before I leave for Kelong (like in a couple of minutes!)
I would like to wish my bestfriend – Jas..


sorry I’m not able to celebrate with you or pass you your presents
But! We will meet soon and catch up ok? hehe
hope you’ll enjoy this special day of yours!

Thank you for everything dearie. hehe


Teacher’s Day! (:

30 Aug
My first Teacher’s Day celebration for me! (:
it’s kinda cool really. hehe
and nice of my boss to treat all of us to dinner at Oriental Hotel!
I was so happy la. haha
and I received gifts from my students
and cards from parents
that could bring tears to my eyes while reading them

So Thank You Ms Vasugi for everything. Really. (:

A pleasant surprise!

Bestie Day (:

17 Aug
I’ve always enjoyed meeting Jas
cause we are alike in so many ways. (of cos not looks and height haha)
btu yea. We think and speak and do everything alike.
it’s quite cute when I think about it (:

Haven’t got to see her for more than 2 months!
so we had to meet up today.
We had lunch at Toast!
and I must say, it’s a very nice place to just hang out and have a meal (:
and so we did!

and we shared a sandwich and a side salad which was pretty yummm

smoked salmon with cucumber, dill and cream cheese
it was really really good!
and healthy i must add. hehe

and the chicken cesar salad.
Think they had more interesting ones
but we sticked to what we know. haha
not too bad really.
though maybe the others might have been better (:

and we of course had to try one of their cupcakes!
and my eyes were drawn to the…

The Elvis
it’s chocolate cupcake with banana and peanut butter icing.
it’s really awesome! couldn’t stop smiling after having it. haha

very quickly.

now you see it.

now you don’t! (:
was gone very quickly! hehe

well the next time we would wanna try the..

the turkey sandwich. hehe
I only got a chance to take a photo because they sent it to our table wrongly
and I snapped it very quickly! haha

so next time. I would know what I wanna get. (:
and of course. another kind of cupcake.
but to be honest.
I wouldn’t mind having the Elvis again. haha
im a sucker for peanut butter! (:
REESE’S man. haha

after lunch we went to walk around.
and Jas wanted to try the powder from Benefit. hehe
so we did! (:
went to Tang’s and tried it out.
and I tried it out too.
with the new tint. can’t remember the name.
think it’s PosieTint. haha
so they tried it on use.
first the Dr Feel Good, then the powder, then the posietint hehe
and this was how we looked after.

this was when Jas bent her knees to be of the same height as me. haha

and this was when I tip-toed haha to be sort of her height. haha

can u see our ROSY cheeks? haha
we each bought something though!
I bought the Dr Feel Good to minimise my pore size.
and she got the powder. haha

Thank you dear for a FABULOUS day! (: hehe
Always good to meet up with u.
Meet soon for Jap Food! *yumyum*

Venue :
#02-11 Ngee Ann City
391 Orchard Road
 Tel : 67338489
Website : http://www.toast.com.sg/

Congrats to Bestie!

21 Jul
10th World Youth Bowling Championships

CONGRATS to my bestie! hehe who got third for the Singles event! hehe
well done! (:
SO proud of you! hehe
All the best for the other events k? hehe
JIAYOU! hehe

LOVE heaps!

Bestie Cupcake Day

11 Jun

Been looking forward to this day for a very long time!
and finally, it arrived (:
we searched online for cupcake places.
but there wasn’t many to choose from

Food for Thought

I was attracted to the Nutella cupcakes they had to offer.
However, to my disappointment.
they ran out of it. =(
but we decided to have lunch there anyways.

it was pretty good.
they have like pasta, sandwiches and soups.

we are greeted by a very nice sign on the window

and a zebra as well (:

we placed our order at the counter

I had a garlic and roast tomato, olive oil tossed pasta with mushroom snail sausage

I loved how it tasted, just that it was a tad bit oily
but I think it’s still pretty good (:

it came with a side of salad

Jas had a tomato base pasta with slow roasted pulled pork

what was to die for was the Red Velvet cake! (:
really super duper good. hehe
it would be good if they had their Nutella cupcake!
well. we will go back again. haha

What I do love about this shop
is that their profits go into social causes that they believe in
like education, environment and all that.
very very meaningful (:
so I wouldn’t mind going back there anytime!

We then headed to Central @ Clarke Quay
and found the cupcake shop called

Paisley & Cream

We were very excited to find this cupcake shop
cause there aren’t many in Singapore
(but there should be!)
but because we were very full
we had only space to try for 2 cupcakes!

so we tried…

the chocolate strawberry cupcake

and the tiramisu

dear with the cupcakes (:

well. I would recommend the chocolate cupcake ones.
WOuld give the tiramisu a miss cause there isn’t any coffee taste.
but it’s worth the trip there cause it’s the only cupcake shop! hehe
they have mini ones too.
which were very cute. hehe

and being the funny us.
we went into an ID photo machine
and decided to take a bestie shot (:

loveya dear (:
really enjoyed today. hehe
been too long!

Venue: Food for Thought
420 North Bridge Road #01-06

Paisley & Cream
6 Eu Tong Sen Street #01-09/10
Central @ Clarke Quay