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Baked Meatballs

19 Mar

So I have been experimenting on different kinds of meatballs to go with my spaghetti.

You see, I am a HUGE fan of meatballs. I could have with anything or even have it on its own. When I head to Subway for a meal for example, I do not have to think about it, it would definitely be meatballs sub. haha When I head to IKEA, an order of meatballs is a must! (:

So it’s no wonder I am looking for the perfect meatball recipe. I’ve tried the Safeway’s Nana’s meatball recipe. Baby likes that one cause he says the lemon zest in the meatball brings out the taste when he’s having it with spaghetti. I, on the other hand, is not a big fan of having lemony flavour in my meatballs. So I continued my search of finding the perfect one!

I chanced upon this recipe as I was blog-surfing and it looked amazing and pretty sure it will taste amazing as well. So thank you Smitten Kitchen! It turned out really well, and we all loved it! hehe Being me, I took the recipe and tweaked it a little to see if it will turn out good. and this I did!

to get the recipe click here ! (:

Hello. I’m made of Bamboo.

19 Mar

How good does this set of bamboo chopping board look?

Want them, have to have them?

Just a CLICK away! (:


19 Mar

I’m sure you’ve heard about CHOOSE. Singapore’s first eco store (and also my dearest brother’s shop) at 26A Sago Street in Chinatown! (:

Well. Now that you’ve heard about it, they’ve got a new feature! If you don’t have the time to go down to their shop (but I urge you do, they’ve done up the place and it’s really nice! hehe) they’ve started their online shop! hehe So click on the link and give yourself a tour of the things that you can find in their shop!


Give it a go! (: You won’t regret it! You’ll be saving the Earth at the same time!

Chocolate Macarons with Chilli Chocolate Ganache ♥

19 Mar

Macarons has always been my down fall. haha I’ve tried twice but failed twice, miserably. I didn’t have the courage to try it again. But after talking to Clara and Felicia, I decided to give it one more shot! (:


I got the “feet” that I’ve been waiting for! (: WHEEEEE! I was super happy and even happier that I got it though I baked it at 9pm at night! haha. Thanks again Clara for sharing with me your recipe! (:

But as it’s Clara’s recipe, I won’t be posting the recipe but will let you feast on some photos!

I bought myself a new present : an Silpat mat! (: I was a happy girl hehe

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Next up : Macarons !

17 Mar

had left over egg whites from the egg tarts so I’ve decided to aged them till tomorrow and give macarons another shot! (: Stay tuned!

Portuguese Egg Tarts ; My baby’s Favourite !

17 Mar

Been watching the Gem of Life, a Hong Kong tv serial and they started talking about egg tarts. Although what they had are birds’ nest egg tarts, and of course I can’t afford getting birds’ nest here. haha I decided to do baby’s favourite – Portuguese egg tarts ! (:

who could resist this hot custard tart with a caramelised top ? I have been wanting to make these for the longest time. The last time I had a really good tart was at KFC in Guangzhou. hehe Sadly, mine didn’t turn out the same way. But I will be doing alot of trail and error to try and get it as close as possible! hehe

When I decided to make these tarts, I went around looking for a recipe and found one on Rasa Malaysia. They used pie crust as their tart base, but I decided to use puff pastry instead cause I wanted the buttery and flaky texture of the tart. It’s a pity my aluminium tart mould is too shallow, the amount of custard that could fill the tarts wasn’t enough! hehe so will try and find moulds that are slightly deeper (:

alrightie. Enough talking! Here’s the recipe of the egg tarts I’ve made! Hope you will enjoy it as much we did!

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laughter is the best medicine.

16 Mar


15 Mar

almost 3/4 done.


15 Mar

at a house warming, what kind of dessert would you serve a whole group of very good friends?

of course something everyone would enjoy and something you know your guest would enjoy.

at my own mini house warming. I decided to make tiramisu.

not a sophisticated dessert, but what’s better than the combination of coffee, kahlua and mascarpone?


haha no I kid. I’m sure there are other combinations that might just be better than this. but for that night, I think that would be a perfect combination for a after burger dessert. (: Not just any burger. It’s baby’s special burger stuffed with cheese!

I learnt this yummy dessert from Vanessa (thanks for the recipe though I know you’ve got to attend to something more urgent, hope you’re doing okay) at a cooking class I attended a couple of years ago. and to me, this recipe is simple and the result is better than those store bought ones! But because it’s her recipe, I won’t be posting the recipe on my blog. Sorry about that!

I’m glad that everyone enjoyed the dessert as well as the burgers! (: Thanks for coming everyone! It’s a pity we didn’t take pictures of that night as well as more food pictures. I shall attempt to steal some photos from Queenie haha.

and just for Cheok and my baby at home, I made a secret second one in the fridge! haha Just in case we have those sugar cravings through the week!

want a bite ? hehe

Butter Crumb Coffee Cupcake

10 Mar

so how do you like your coffee? Strong or light? Decaf? Well this cake would please all! (: Unless you are the kind that only drinks espresso. haha Then well, you can add more coffee to this recipe and you will also be happy!

Thanks to Eat and Be Happy, I got to come across this recipe and being a big fan of both coffee and streusel. I tweaked the recipe a little but the texture of the cake with the combination of the crumble – it’s SOO GOOD! (:

Have this with a cup of tea or coffee, make a perfect tea snack. (:

so here’s the recipe.

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