Peach Garden 桃苑 (Thomson Plaza)

28 Feb

Peach Garden

301 Upper Thomson Road

#01-88 Thomson Plaza

Telephone : 64513233

It’s a really delayed post

but I was super happy when we got to try this place on Baby’s Mummy’s birthday

the food ; awesome ; really

pineapple buns! love it. was good.

had char siew in them. my favourite!

fried wantons! we can easily do this here in Melbourne haha

with jap mayo. yums.

prawns wrapped in beancurd skin. this was GOOD.

carrot cake! (: seeing these make me miss mummy’s home made ones.

century egg porridge. yums! love it that it’s thick and very like those you can find in Hong Kong.

har kao. the skin was just the right thickness. it was good.

char siew bao! thick paste of pork. my absolute favourite!

stewed pork. hehe baby’s favourite!

xiao long pao!

by this time. we were stuffed! but we had a couple more dishes to go!

ee fu noodles! super yummy!

and we definitely could not resist ordering the lao sar bao (:

now who could resist that? hehe (:

an awesome first experience at the restaurant and will definitely be on the list of “restaurants to go to” when I’m back in Singapore next!

Thank you auntie and uncle for the meal. was really good! (:


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