f is for family, l is for love.

13 Feb

Hairloom & Caramel

100 Beach Road
#01-50/52 Shaw Towers
Singapore 189702

I always look forward to meeting with my cousins.
we just got so much closer after our new zealand trip together. (:
and that makes me happy! hehe

when im back for my holidays.
we would always meet at least once to have a good meal
and catch up on what I have missed
and I would update them on what has been happening. hehe

so this time. we went to try a new place!

Hairloom & Caramel (:
this place was introduced to me by Jacqueline ( )
thank you for your good recommendation! hehe

I loved how the place was decorated
with different chairs and tables
and bright colours on the walls
just made it very warm and inviting (:

they even sold small things at the side.
( I just had to take the giraffe lamp dear! (: )

we ordered set meals (and the prices were really reasonable)
and while waiting.
we went snapping away!

here comes the food
and let me tell you.
the food was GOOD. really good.
and I would definitely be back for more! hehe

each set (unless you’re having a main salad) came with a side salad
and a drink of your choice! hehe

and if you ordered a main salad.
it would come with a slice of garlic bread.
we only happen to have it, as they mixed up the order.
btu im glad they did cause the garlic bread was so good!
super crispy and when you take a bite
you would have a nice creamy taste with a burst of garlic.
it’s the way garlic bread should always be (:

the tea cup was so pretty (:

gladys had the spaghetti with chicken, cabbage and sesame sauce.
let me tell you.
this was the best tasting fusion spaghetti i ever had.
i was a bit apprehensive about how it would taste.
but boy was I wrong.
this was super super yums!

june jiejie had the spaghetti with a bratwurst, with a Arabiata (spicy tomato) sauce.
this too was good.
and the spiciness of the sauce was just right.
turning a simple dish to a dish with an edge. love it. hehe

as for mine.
i could not resist ordering the smoked duck sandwich with Dijon mustard.
i just kept smiling when i saw how it looked.
and when i tasted it.
it was just awesome.
everything was just perfect : the thickness of the toast, the saltiness and smokiness of the duck
the amount of dijon and the freshness of the lettuce.
im serious.
it was THAT good. haha

just see how happy i was. HAHAHA (:

was a good catching up
and the after shopping session was good too!
thanks cousins.
it couldnt have been any better. hehe




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