you put a smile on my face

9 Feb

due to work and the preparations for CNY
i’ve been really busy and haven’t been able to spend some time with my baby.
im so glad we got to do that last week! (:
it was nice and i just felt very loved. hehe

we went to Vivo city (the first time since we got back)
and realised there were SO MANY changes! haha
I felt so sua ku! goodness.

ah wells.
We made our way to Brotzeit.

this German food and bar place that had baby’s favourite – pork knuckles!

well. since we were at a german food and bar place.
of course, we had some beer with our food!

the happy boy (:

and then the food came!

THE pork knuckle (:

sausages with really good mash.

a closer look. hehe

the contented us.

and what happens to the bone after the meat is all gone?

baby cleans it all up! (:

it’s no wonder we love food. haha.
i love you.

thank you for being you.


3 Responses to “you put a smile on my face”

  1. lesterho February 12, 2010 at 12:50 pm #

    Re: Kor:
    “sorry father for i have sinned.”
    beer in the afternoon. along with such food. hehe.

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