brunch with Peggy and Paul

24 Nov

342 Bridge Road,
Vic 3121

It’s been a long time since we had brunch together.
it was really nice catching up and just enjoying each other’s company! (:
Peggy and Paul brought us to this place for brunch
and it was really good!

everyone had the Big Fry Up
cos it consisted of everything! haha
and it was a very very decent portion size
so the boys would definitely be filled up when they finish the last potato! haha

the pototoes were golden and crisp!
the eggs were scrambled just nice (:

and to top that, it came with baby’s favourite – bacon! haha
so guess whose tummy was really satisfied that afternoon? hehe

I, on the other hand.
had my favourite dish I could ever have for brunch.
im sure you can guess it! haha

almost like an eggs benedict
but not quite.
it was served on a butter scone
with cheese
and asparagus! hehe (:
of course, can never leave out the thick, yummy hollandaise sauce!

and to compliment everything.
I had to order a chai latte (: hehe

really awesome food.
awesome place.
and awesome company.
a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon (:


5 Responses to “brunch with Peggy and Paul”

  1. liannelow November 24, 2009 at 11:26 pm #

    hehe (: you know what I like now that we had a couple of breakfast together!!! (: hehe thanks dearie. the sinus is horrible! haha HUACKS!

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