Royal Melbourne Show

29 Sep

I look forward to carnivals every year.
This year. Baby and I attended much more festivals than we ever did compared to the other years.
and I’m really glad we did.
Cause then we get to share even more experiences together (:

Since school work is going to get all crazy these few weeks.
and I desperately needed a break.
We decided to go for the Royal Melbourne Show last weekend.
(dun judge me! hahaha)

So we planned and met Peggy, Paul and Cheok for brunch at European before heading to the show.

the weather was CRAZY that day.
the sun was out. but it started raining in 5-10mins intervals. haha
poor Peggy and Paul sat where the umbrella’s don’t cover.
and it started HAILING! haha
Paul was so sweet to carry the umbrella for Peggy while waiting for the food.
Fortunately. it stopped raining when our food came!

baby and me (:
at our favourite breakie place!

and off to the fair we go!

the first place we went was the Grand Pavilion where the food were! haha
so typical of us really.
but can’t really help it. hehe
plus, it sheltered us from the crazy weather!

Guess what the kids are doing?
Digging for spuds!

i know there are alot of different kinds of spuds.
but I didn’t know there were THAT many. haha
learn something new everyday!

and you could buy baked potatoes that is right next to the spuds booth! (:

i found the three of them at the Kiwi wine/liquor booth! hehe (:
the sweet wine was really quite nice!

went pass a shop selling everything to do with strawberries!
look at the huge pile of strawberries!! hehe yums

and I found a shop selling cupcakes! haha i was super excited! (:

the guy was nice! he allowed me to take photos! (:

after spending a considerable amount of time in the Grand pavilion
we headed out to watch the racing and diving pigs show. haha
and yes. it’s exactly what the title means. haha

the pigs getting ready for a race!
pigs are so darn cute!

the diving board

readyyyy….. JUMP!!!! (:
so cute. but quite poor thing.
but CUTE!

then we went over to the dog judging area.
and we just couldn’t walk away. haha

how cute is THAT????

I just want to give it a HUG! hehe
super cute.
cuddly. and playful!

when the sun decided to shine
we headed out to take rides! hehe
well. Cheok and Paul were more daring than the rest of us. haha
so they took the ride of the carnival!

and the name of the ride explains it all! haha

it didn’t take long before the guys decided to go for it!

haha. how excited are they!
Peggy was so worried for Paul!

now they are starting to look a bit worried. haha
or maybe, it’s the sun shinning on their faces!

a few more shots before it begins!

okie. here they go!

almost reaching the 180 degrees point

and if you can’t tell.
they are upside down at the tallest point of the ride. haha (:
Good one guys! hehe

The rest of us did sit a ride together.
which was my choice. haha
not a very good one. cos everyone felt dizzy and nauseated after. haha.
baby and I weren’t.
and we decided to sit another ride that spins forward AND backwards really quickly.
like those they use to have at Asian Village in Sentosa.
during the ride
baby said the reason why he wanted to sit this ride
cause it was the first ride we ever sat together when we first date (:
AWWW. he’s such a sweetie. hehe
i love you! (:

Well. the next few weeks is going to be a race!
Let’s get there together!



2 Responses to “Royal Melbourne Show”

  1. liannelow October 13, 2009 at 9:07 am #

    haha no problem! add away! (: i will add u too hehe.
    the carnival was really good. a time t relax and just enjoy with friends and the boy. hehe
    COOK! it’s relaxing! haha for me it is. stay tuned for butter prawn recipe!

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