Friday Night Dinner : My baby the Chef !

5 Sep

this week.
Baby was the chef! the one and only one (:
He decided a week ago to cook his family’s recipe – stewed stuffed duck!
and it was SO GOOD!
haven’t had it in ages.
so was really happy that he wanted to cook it!

he cooked it the night before
so that the duck would be full of flavour
and the meat would be soft and succulent! and indeed. it was!

the ingredients for the stuffing :

carrot, celery, roasted chestnut, gingko nut, chicken giblet and liver (:

fry with black sauce, soy and pepper

the chef at work ! (:

the duck ready to go into the oven to get all the addtional oil out
we bought the EXTRA LARGE duck. haha

trying to get the excess fat and additional hair out.
cos the tweezers don’t work. rah. haha
So. out comes the trusty blow torch!

stuffing the duck!

then rubbing the duck with five-spice powder

we had to transfer it into a huge pot
cos we couldn’t cover the duck with water.
this put it’s currently in was too small. haha

before we topped it up with water to cover the duck

done after cooking it for the whole day! (:
how yums does that look? hehe

it was SUPER DUPER yummos!

thanks sweetie!
you did a great job!

i love you (:


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