Taste of Melbourne

30 Aug

this was the first year we ever been to this event
and boy was I glad we did (:
it was so good!
although more pricey than the Food and Wine Festival.
but the food was more on the fine dining standard.
and they were all super good!
it was also a birthday gift from me to baby.
though not that expensive.
but I do hope he enjoyed himself! (:

when we arrived to collect our Premium tickets at the Royal Exhibition Building (Carlton Gardens)
it started pouring! rah. haha
and i got super drenched cause I didn’t have a hood to protect my head.
so the photos of me all look weird and ugly. rah. haha.
okie never mind.
the main thing to concentrate on was the FOOD! (: so here they are!

the first thing we had
and I’m so glad we had it. haha
Nobu’s Pork Belly with Miso
it was SO GOOD! the best thing we had that afternoon hehe

my next favourite dish
Nobu’s Black Cod with Miso
the fish was fresh and just melts in your mouth!

Silk’s pan grilled beef eye fillet marinated in mustard
served with Szechuan sauce.

in between the food.
we signed up for the Domaine Chandon Sparkling Masterclass
where we got to try 5 of their famous champagnes!

they came to fill the other two up in the middle of the class
which was good
cause Cheok got to ask the lady for a top up! haha

our whole table full of glasses. haha

and like my brother
Cheok always gives funny faces in his photos hahaha.

haha. the angry face Cheok is giving
is because he found out that the first and the third wine had infused mushrooms in them
and guess who is not a fan of mushrooms? haha
not a happy camper.
but he said that if mushrooms comes in these forms.
he would be more than happy to consume them. haha.
if only!

the lady next to Cheok was really nice to offer to take a photo of all 3 of us. hehe
but she insisted of taking another cause she said Cheok was making funny faces
but gave up after the second shot haha

bubbles bubbles bubbles!

my two favourites :

Chandon Cuve Riche

Chadon Sparkling Pinot Shiraz (:
this was baby’s favourite too!

cause they were sweet!

the happy boys. hehe

then we went to get more food! hehe
and guess who we met standing in front of the booth of The Boathouse

Gary Mehigan of Masterchef! (:

and George Calombaris was standing infront of The Press Club booth of course (:

so happy to be able to take photos with them.
they were super friendly!

back to the food haha

baby bought the Natural oysters with romesco sauce and lemon
and because I don’t eat raw oysters
he and Cheok devoured them. haha
really quickly!

Botanical Wagyu Burger

this was quite good though the patty didn’t taste much of waygu beef. haha
but still pretty good! (:

we ate it the right way – JUST BITE INTO IT! haha.
no knife and fork nonsense.
just use your hands!

The Court House’s confit duck baked in puff pastry, accompanied by a tomato fondue.
this was quite good
but I was hoping the duck confit would be a bit more tasty!
but it was still yummy nonetheless!

Fifteen’s slow roasted ‘Berkshire’ pork belly in the style of porchetta with lentil du puy and salsa verde

this was super good! (:
the highlight of the whole day were the two pork dishes I must say.
really superb!
make us love pork more! haha.

Fifteen’s Giorgio’s ‘Fior di buratta’
A fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream
with salami and Fifteen’s olive oil.

this was SOOOO GOOOD! (:
it practically melts in your mouth
and it’s super smooth
and the saltiness of the salami just compliments it so well!
absolutely divine!

after having the good and sinful food.
we had to walk around
and we saw the cutest thing ever!

Christmas tree made with pure chocolate!

lotus flower.
SO beautiful (:

how talented are they?
just awesome.

and we passed the absinthe counter
Green Fairy.
Baby and Cheok had to give the 73% absinthe a try
,baby had just the taster portion
but cheok bought the shot. haha
they were both super high after having it.
but they didn’t get to the point of hallucination of course.
that’s a myth. hehe

and we saw the SMEG fridge that is so cute! (:
Baby wanted to take with the orange one for his sister, Melissa. hehe
super nice la! 
love the fridge. hehe

I’m so glad that we had a chance to go for this event!
it’s definitely something I would wanna go for again next year (:
WHEEEE! hehe

one word.



7 Responses to “Taste of Melbourne”

  1. ryung_ppagi August 31, 2009 at 1:48 am #

    eeks! the fridge is so cute! 😀 i thought my brother is going to buy it for me. wahahahhaa. the green colour reminds of my headphones.

    • liannelow August 31, 2009 at 1:50 am #

      haha (: well. if he has the money im sure he would! hehe when he saw it. he thought about u! so he was like. take photo of the fridge for my sister! hehe

    • liannelow August 31, 2009 at 1:58 am #

      haha. u never know. There might be! it’s under SMEG and singapore has this brand! (: so next time. u know which brand of fridge to get! hehe

  2. ryung_ppagi August 31, 2009 at 1:48 am #

    eeks! the fridge is so cute! 😀 i thought my brother is going to buy it for me. wahahahhaa. the green colour reminds of my headphones.

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