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a family affair.

21 Aug

Hey everyone! (:
My brother (James) and his friend (Stuart) just set up a shop selling eco-friendly products
I’m super excited about it! haha
and I’m hoping you will all support him!
head down to his shop at Chinatown for a little peak
No obligations!
It will just be nice to go give him a little support! hehe

So if you head to Chinatown to have a meal and have a few extra minutes.
Why not just drop by and take a look
you never know what would come in handy at your house
and the things that could interest you!
and if you have any queries or anything about certain products.
please feel free to ask him!
he would be more than happy to answer your questions!
and at the same time,  you would be helping the environment too!

So give it a thought
and all of you are more than welcome to drop by! (:

Thank you in advance!

Thank you again!