Awesome dinner, movie and company!

18 Aug
Had a potluck at out place with Peggy and Paul tonight.
and dinner was super duper yums! (:

menu :

beef rendang
cabbage chicken
wasabi prawn

Everything was super yummy
and with good company. what could be better? hehe
Dinner with this sweet couple always is accompanied with laughter and smiles (:
ALWAYS. hehe
which is  awesome!
So thank u for coming over for dinner
and cooking the beef rendang!
we really really enjoyed it.
Lester is still raving about it now! hehe

After dinner.
We went to Crown to watch The Ugly Truth.

A really good movie!
everyone should catch it.
it’s hilarious. we laughed almost continuously! haha.
so many movies i wanna catch.
but so little time. rah!
well. I’m glad we caught this one (:

this day can’t get any better
we should really do this more often!

Thank you once again!

2 Responses to “Awesome dinner, movie and company!”

  1. liannelow August 19, 2009 at 10:51 pm #

    hah (: Thanks cuz! u should try making. it’s really easy. hehe
    though don’t stuff yourself by eating too much of it! haha. moderation is KEY! hehe (:
    yes. u should watch the ugly truth when it’s out! super funny. hehe and I will catch GI Joe soon! hehe

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