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Day 3 : slow and easy

11 Aug

3rd day in a row (:
I’m progressing well. but a little slow.
though I did slow is alright!
I need to do it at my own pace.
so I won’t get frustrated with exercising.
and actually continue doing it everyday.

my whole body was aching today
after the weights I did on Sunday and yesterday.
so arms, back and legs.
practically covered the whole body now. hehe
so today was just cardio.
and I’m glad.
cos I don’t think I will be able to do any weights at all. haha.
tomorrow might be a day off or just cardio as well (:
we shall see!

but I’m glad I’m doing it at this pace.
just have to keep encouraging myself!
sorry for the constant boring progress report. haha
Bear with me!


Kenny Rogers corn muffins

11 Aug

saw this recipe on Maria’s blog recently.
and really got very bad craving for the corn muffins from Kenny Rogers.
use to be one of the reasons why I dined at Kenny Rogers last time. haha.
so I decided to give it a shot! and I’m so glad I did!
cause they were very very similar to the ones in Singapore
and they were super yum! hehe

so thank you Maria for posting this recipe! (:

try it! cos it’s super easy to make
and you will be super glad with the turn out!
cos it’s super duper yummy. really awesome!

so here’s the recipe and step by step photos!

x o x o