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Day 2 : Jelly Legs

10 Aug


so far so good.
Went to the gym in the evening before dinner
and worked on my legs.
though my back and my arms are aching pretty badly.
haha. a small hint for my dearest baby.hehe
though he already promised me one tonight especially for my upper back!
so I’m super looking forward to that. hehe
the perks of my baby having massage certificates. hehe

so yes.
it’s LEGS today.
cycled and did weights for the legs.
some other work out for the inner thighs
and squats! (:
my legs were jelly before I could decide on if I should do a few reps of lunges. haha
Guess I will leave that to tmr or the day after.

tried to work a little harder today
cause baby and I had a super bad craving of KFC’s wicked wings.
and we ate SOOOO much.
I’m still full from the chicken i think.
probably the grease. haha.
so going to the gym was a good choice!

I’m so much a foodie that going to the gym might not be enough to make me lose weight!
rah! haha (:
but I will just go as my body tells me.
and just be happy with how I look!

thanks to those who gave me a word of encouragement.
I need it terribly in times like these! haha

on another note.
im going to try baking the corn muffins from Kenny Rogers! haha
hopefully tomorrow.
need to buy corn meal or polenta! (: