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Day 1 : Slow and Steady

9 Aug
I’ve put this off for a very long time.
Too long to be very honest.
and I am quite embarrassed. haha
but today. I pushed myself to go to the gym with Baby to get some cardio done.
and not only did I do some cardio.
I lifted some weights too! (:
which I am very happy about.

and yes. I do believe the first day of exercise
has to be something light and less intense.
Just so my body won’t hate it.
like i use to.

I use to really hate going to the gym.
though I know deep down inside that I should learn to love it. haha.
and I promise Peggy that once I get a part time job.
and have extra income.
I will join Fitness First and go to the classes with her.
well. that won’t be anytime soon.
So I really gotta try and push myself now! (:

so day 1 is done.
going to gym first thing tomorrow morning if everything goes well. hah
or else it will be in the evening again.
either one. I will get some form of exercise done tomorrow!

so bear with me while I dothis daily update thing.
might seem like a silly thing to do.
but i do this for a reason.
Just so I have the extra pairs of eyes.
to check on me and make sure I am doing what I promise I would do! (:
Thank you in advance for your patience and hopefully your encouragement!