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all begins again.

5 Aug

I’m a little behind everything.
Studying wise.
lacking of the motivation.
and winter is really not helping. haha
feeling all lazy and gloomy.
but i will get there! (:
at least I got my plans out already.
since it’s like placed somewhere I cannot miss.
I’ve got a constant reminderrrr

Need to pray for strength and good time management.

it’s going to be a pretty fast race to the end! 


wish you could stay longer

5 Aug

cause it’s been a while I had so much fun with you! (:
the last time was in September with Jas.
hopefully this september. it could happen again!
maybe we could have our YJL day! 
im praying and hoping. hehe.
but no pressure!
i was just really happy to hang out with you after so long

hope you had as much fun as i did!
i tried to bring you to as many of my favourite places as possible. haha.
we will cover more next time, i promise! (:

of course i couldn’t not bring you to the cupcakes place! (:
it was the first on my list!
and im so happy you enjoyed them as well.
the Belgium dark chocolate is truly the yummiest! hehe

the numbers are the ratings of the 4 we had that afternoon hehe
the least favourite was carrot.

 1 – Belgium Dark Chocolate
2 – Red Velvet
3 – Cookies and Cream
4 – Carrot

haha. how nice to be tall for just a few seconds! (:

Hope to see you again soooon!!! hehe