all smiles Saturday

2 Aug
guess who is down-under? (:
YIANG! hehe.
so happy when she told me she would be in town for the weekend and a few more days after.
so we had a chance to hang out after the longest time!
which was super awesome.
Uncle Tay bought us lunch at Lucky Chan at Crown.
DIM SUM. who wouldn’t be happy with that? hehe
it was super yums.
and it was so nice of him to buy us lunch.
and was great catching up over good food!

after that. I brought Yiang to Vic Market cause she needed her daily bite of apples! hehe
and I wanted her to feel the atmosphere. haha
boy was it packed cause it was 30mins to closing! (:
imgaine the amount of screams and shouts happening at that time. haha

after that. we headed to the newly open Lindt Chocolate Cafe on Collins Street!
was super excited cause I’ve read that they had one in Sydney.
and only came about knowing they opened one here a couple of days back!
so it was a brand new experience for both of us! haha.

the cafe was in this old building with super awesome and pretty interior! (:
we were mesmerized by how the interior looks.
and they had so many different kinds of chocolate.
we were spoilt for choice!

we ordered a cake to share
and drinks! (: of course. i couldn’t not order their chai latte.

and baby ordered a coffee with a deliche
which was a macaroon! (:
and we chose a 70% chocolate one. hehe

was my first time having a macaroon!
and i like it.
was sweet.
but the chewy middle was just awesome! hehe
and because we only had one.
baby had the task of splitting it equally into 3 pieces! haha

haha he did it with heaps of concentration! hehe
and it was really quite equal!

and we tried this cake (can’t remember the name. haha)
with a brownie bottom with a almond cream middle
and vanilla cream top.
it was pretty good! but got a bit jelat towards the end.
but was still good (:

and of course having your company just made the whole day better (:
was awesome to hang out with you!

looking forward to tomorrow! (:


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