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Happy 21st !

2 Aug

was Shivani’s 21st yesterday
and we were invited to her party at One Fitzroy Street Bar (:
and it was a pretty awesome party.
Cheok came along as well to join in the fun haha
though we were probably older than all of them
plus they were all Med students. haha
so we ended up having fun amongst ourselves and talking about everything and anything.
and her friends were the sweetest people.
speeches and slide shows
and singing. haha. and cause the party was themed Hat and Gloves.
some really embraced it.
One guy was Charlie Chaplin and one was Michael Jackson
and many more other characters.
just that these two really stood out. haha (:

was really glad Aunty Sue was there too!
so we kept her company for a while before she had to go entertain other guests. hehe
and let me just say.
she had the most awesome cake everrrr.

Hat and Gloves !


all smiles Saturday

2 Aug
guess who is down-under? (:
YIANG! hehe.
so happy when she told me she would be in town for the weekend and a few more days after.
so we had a chance to hang out after the longest time!
which was super awesome.
Uncle Tay bought us lunch at Lucky Chan at Crown.
DIM SUM. who wouldn’t be happy with that? hehe
it was super yums.
and it was so nice of him to buy us lunch.
and was great catching up over good food!

after that. I brought Yiang to Vic Market cause she needed her daily bite of apples! hehe
and I wanted her to feel the atmosphere. haha
boy was it packed cause it was 30mins to closing! (:
imgaine the amount of screams and shouts happening at that time. haha

after that. we headed to the newly open Lindt Chocolate Cafe on Collins Street!
was super excited cause I’ve read that they had one in Sydney.
and only came about knowing they opened one here a couple of days back!
so it was a brand new experience for both of us! haha.

the cafe was in this old building with super awesome and pretty interior! (:
we were mesmerized by how the interior looks.
and they had so many different kinds of chocolate.
we were spoilt for choice!

more photos!

Brooklyn Blackout Cake

2 Aug

Since Peggy was going to be away for her birthday.
and she invited us over for dinner at their place.
I decided to bake a birthday cake for her.
and also a gesture to thank the both of them
cause they always invite us to join them for dinners or day adventures! hehe
so it was a must to bake her a cake.
was a bit worried. cause i decided to bake something I’ve never tried before.
seriously daring.
and maybe seriously OUT OF MY MIND. hahaha.
but yes. it turned out pretty well!
and hopefully she enjoyed it (:
photos and recipe undercut !