20 Jul
Paulaner Bräuhaus
9 Raffles Boulevard
#01-01 Time²@Millenia Walk

Tel: 6883 2572

Daddy has been waiting for a chance to bring us to this place for their pork knuckle
and it’s only worth going if Baby goes
cause he would be able to help us finish haha.
so we went the afternoon before we flew (:
my dearest daddy took a day off for me and we went to have a good meal!

the interior is pretty nice! (:
trying to make it like we’re in Germany haha.
or somewhere there. hehe

and what is awesome is their home-brewed beer!

that is pumped up from downstairs.
into our mugs! (:

super fresh and yummy beer! (:
0.3L for mummy and me
0.5L for daddy and baby
we do enjoy our beers. haha

the 4 different sausages with mash and saukraut
yummy but could be better if it’s super hot! (:

this was part of their lunch specials
pork cubes cooked in a special sauce with fettucine. hehe
was pretty yummy!

and of course.
the crispy skin pork knuckle! (:
SUPER yummy and tender. hehe
this one’s baked.
the others we’ve had is fried.
so it’s something different.
healthier in a way? haha
but still good!

thanks Dad and Mum
for bringing us there (:
love you both!


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