healthy lifestyle

11 Jun

no. im not intending to sign up for a yoga class.
rather it has been hitting me.
during this times of stress.
that exams make me fat.
cause I dun wanna waste time going to the gym for an hour.
and think that I can revise more in that hour.
(of course, it’s more than an excuse than anything. haha)

i snack alot when I am studying.
when I am stress. I look for things to eat.
and I can’t stop. haha.

after my paper.
to make myself happy or celebrate.
we cook something nice.

so no doubt. exams make me fat.
But I am determined to change that
with 2 papers to go.
I am going to try to at least walk for 30-45mins everyday.
it may be difficult.
But I’m sure I can do it! haha.

and it’s winter now.
so have to layer and layer plus an extra bulky jacket so that I dun freeze my butt off. haha
so yes. RAHHHHH! (:

okie. haha.
let’s just hope I am able to keep up to my goal.
I really wanna get healthy. fit. toned. and yes.
lastly. skinny. though I know being skinny is of the least importance.
So yes. at least I put HEALTHY first! (:

so do you have new health plans?
SHARE! would love to hear them. hehe


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