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if only every night was like this.

7 Jun
Belgian Beer Cafe Eureka
5 Riverside Quay
Victoria 3004

Business Hours : 11am till late
(we were there till 1am! haha)

absolutely enjoyed my Sat this weekend (:
took a day off before studying for my paper on Tuesday.
Just needed to rest the brain a little. haha
after all the essays, one after another.
Just needed the break! hehe

was really nice of Peggy and Paul to invite us to the Belgian Beer Cafe at the Eureka towers
with their friends from Singapore
we met at the Food and Wine Show
but went home for dinner and did a bit of work
before meeting them again for after dinner drinks (:
was great.
drank, talked, gossiped and laughed.
been a while since I laughed SO MUCH
till my cheeks felt a bit cramped. haha
but was good!

The Belgian Beer Cafe are of course, as suggested haha, known for their beers!

they had this super cute tasting rack
and you have 100ml of their beers on tap.
and u get the best of ALL the worlds. haha

the Stella Artois
Hoegaarden White
Leffe Blonde (my favourite)
Leffe Brune
Belle-Vue Kriek

Peggy said the last one tasted like blood!
haha but suppose to be sour cherries hehe
i quite liked it though. cause it didn’t really taste like beer.
just some sparkly cherry drink. hehe

then Paul ordered a beer with the cutest looking drinking cup. haha
and it was a very special glass that he had to pay a deposit for it.
weird! but yes.

it’s called a Kwak! haha.
wanted to fit the whole glass in the photo. 
and caught Paul’s face. oops. haha

if you guys intend to go there.
try their food! hehe
Baby and I went there last year during our anniversary
and it was super yummy! hehe

Thanks for inviting us guys! 
can’t wait till exams are over
then we could actually do this more often! haha

Bliss. (:


my first attempt : Porcini and Salami Risotto

7 Jun

been having a risotto craving
but can’t find any that sells really good and creamy risotto.
if you have recommendations,
please feel free to let me know!
whether it’s here in Melbourne, Sydney or in Singapore! hehe

so here’s the recipe to this super yums dish.
the flavour of the procini mushrooms are just awesome.
soaking them in hot water
just gave me a chance to use the water as part of the stock
and trust me.
it was a good move! (:

recipe undercut!