teamwork ♥

12 May
i love it when baby and I cook together.
and because we both had uni that ended really late last night
we went to the supermarket straight after I got home. (:
and tried to see if there was anything that would inspire us
and ideas just kept flying into our heads when we walk down the aisles.

we try to budget ourselves when we are at the supermarkets.
cause we can really go crazy. haha
so we would look at the specials
and see if there were anything good.
then we saw duck breasts which were on clearance $11 (use to be $15)
so we thought, why not?
a good reward after a not too good Monday.
So we got that, potatoes and broccolini.
and went to pay our picks

and after paying
we realise that the person at the counter keyed in $1 instead of $11 for the duck breasts!
OMG! hahaha
we were SUPER DUPER happy!
50cents for each person.

so baby decided to pan fry the duck and gave the skin a crispy golden colour.
it was sooo good!
our first time handling a fresh duck breast.
and we will surely get it again.

pink on the inside.
but cooked to perfection
so it was still super juicy.

I sauteed some potatoes in the duck fat
with thyme and garlic
and stir fried the broccolini and poached an egg.
hoping that the runny yolk would dress the veg.

Superb dinner to end the Monday Blues!

we work so well as a team! ♥

loves loves loves!


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