missing home. heaps.

11 May

it was Mother’s Day yesterday
and boy do I wish I was there while the family had an awesome dinner together
on our newly done patio.
I miss everything back home.
My family. My house. My bed. My pups. My friends.
just absolutely everything.

Kor sent me some photos of the dinner last night.
and the cake that Lester and I ordered for my mummy (:
which made me feel like crying at first.
but after a while.
just felt comforted.

my two pups at home.
miss them heaps.
sky is so handsome now (:

My dearest brother preparing dinner for my parents (:
and it looks super yum!
(told you even before u cooked it hahaha)

all prepared and ready for the oven

Absolutely love this shot!
my doggies are both looking and starring at the food.
while my family is looking at the camera.
surely. the food must be smelling super good.
haha. how cute are my pups!

So hopefully my ever dearest and loving Mum had a good time last night.
Really wish I was back home celebrating this special day with you.
Though I know, whenever we have dinner together as a family.
you would be happy with that too! (:
that’s how awesome a mother you are.
Always there for us, no matter what.
Unconditional love.

love you Mummy!


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