all things baked Saturday

9 May
just because I felt like baking more today
so I did. haha.
ideas were just flowing in my mind
and I was inspired to cook some yummy food (:

Since I met Ayeeba for a late breakfast this morning.
I decided to have a baked eggs frittata for tea.
and it is such a good thing to make when you have heaps of left overs.
just toss everything in
and you’re good to go!

mine had :
Bacon, potatoes, mushrooms, chives and grilled haloumi.

and it was really good!
I used my cast iron pan to bake the eggs in the oven for 10 mins
just to colour the top a little.
really easy and quick as well. (:
and really glad that Baby enjoyed it. hehe

and the frittata wasn’t the only thing I baked today.
after dinner.
Baby and I felt like a chocolate souffle.
haha. and so we baked it! hehe

I tried it a while back with Bestie, Jason and Sam.
but it’s wasn’t too successful.
but today. I must say.
it’s much better and really chocolate-y
we went nuts over it! hehe
so much so. we had 2.
yes. u aren’t seeing things.
we had 2 chocolate souffles in a span of 10 mins. haha

I wished it was a little more firm on the sides.
Just need to practice more then!
shall try other flavours next time. hehe

so once they are out of the oven.
quickly dust the top with icing sugar and cocoa powder.

and what would be better than hot chocolate souffle and super cold ice cream (:

well. one thing left on my mind :

GYM tomorrow for sure. haha


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